Sounds of Soul – 'Hold Myself' song review

Sounds of Soul – 'Hold Myself' song review

When a song comes along with the level of delicate intimacy of ‘Hold Myself’ by Melbourne music collective, Sounds of Soul, it makes you want to make it part of your daily ritual.

The super sexy embrace of Tina Kopa’s vocals combined with the tender groove delivered by Catherine Wood has you moving in a way you may not have moved in for a while, and singing – “I hold myself” as you unpack the dishwasher or drive to work.

The video is also the perfect accompaniment to this gorgeously supportive tune.

You might be inspired to adjust the rhythm of your day ... enjoy.

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  • By Rachael Kane, Singer / Songwriter

    Rachael is a singer/songwriter and singing and expression teacher who is interested in the true health and well-being of people.