In 2014, Natalie was approached by professionals within the TV industry to consider bringing herself and the message of what she delivers to online TV platforms. After much consideration and further development over the ensuing months, Natalie undertook this project as a new venture and explored the possibilities available.

This particular project required meticulous and dedicated work in order to create the concept for the first ‘Natalie, with love’ Series and deliver a TV show with a true point of difference... as is with all aspects of Natalie’s life, she is not one to seek fame or fortune, but commit in full to what she knows will truly evolve and support people.

“There is a plethora of TV Shows out there, particularly aimed at women, that tell them how to be better, be different, inform them on the latest trends, and make promises about what will change their life. My purpose with the ‘Natalie, with love’ Series is to show people that true change is possible, you can watch it on the show happening for people right before your eyes, and it’s not about a fancy make-over” – Natalie Benhayon

In mid 2015, a 30-day crowd funding campaign was launched to raise money towards the development of the ‘Natalie, with love’ Series, and also ‘Women in Livingness TV’. It was a huge success, with $126,861 donated in support of Natalie and what these TV shows have the potential to bring to a worldwide audience.

The ‘Natalie, with love’ Series is a reality-lifestyle based show, whereby as the viewer you follow Natalie and her starring guest and witness inspirational and life-changing stories. In her typical cheeky, honest and open style of being with people, Natalie hosts the show and shares tips and truths about love, life, relationship, well-being and more. Series 1 Episodes will be available online in late 2016.