Sounds of Soul – Tina Kopa and Catherine Wood

Sounds of Soul grew out of a friendship that began on a world tour with a band in 2002.

Melbourne based musicians Catherine Wood and Tina Kopa were freelancing nationally and internationally for many years when they found themselves on the same gig.

The sparks of a lasting friendship developed, with many hours in airport terminals, hotel lobbies and dressing rooms discussing the mysteries of life, their loves and agonies, and everything else in between.

Fast forward a decade or so and their discussions evolved to include the possibility of a musical partnership. They wanted to explore and deepen their expression as women, to see what lay beyond the 20+ years of musical experience... they were curious. By building openness and trust and then allowing the music to follow, would it be different?

Well it was...and Sounds of Soul was born.

Through songs and blogs Catherine and Tina share their observations and experiences as women: their challenges, their reactions, what diminishes and what empowers women at large, and how this is expressed in the world.

Sounds of Soul have just released their self-titled debut album, available now from

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  • By Catherine Wood, Musician, Producer

    Catherine has an insatiable curiosity for what makes things tick. She is particularly interested in the motivations behind peoples’ musical expression and the commonality that brings us all together in that experience.

  • By Tina Kopa, Singer / Songwriter