Singer, Songwriter Jenny James’ Artist Bio

Jenny James writes music and words that ask for a deeper enquiry, beyond life that we generally accept or ‘know it to be’.

Her voice has a purity that brings clarity, beauty and depth to any style, from country to torch. With a natural feel for melody and rhythm, Jenny’s songs are universal, move beyond any perceived boundaries and are listened to the world over.

Her absoluteness and love for truth show in the quality of the music she produces. With songs that speak of love and connection, she makes music that inspires and supports the sacredness that is within us all.

Jenny James launched her first song album ‘Shining On’ in 2016 after producing music with musician and singer Chris James for over 20 years for their business Sounds Wonderful and has since added ‘She’ and ‘Hermetic Seal’ to her catalogue.

“I know that we can never step into the recording studio with any drive, want, or angst, as we would only be delivering that very same thing in the music we make, and when you really feel the music from the depths of your body, this is plain to see. I receive a lot of feedback from people about this all over the world - they notice - the difference can be felt.”

With the energetic quality of music first and foremost, Jenny James is renowned for her affinity with people. This comes through in every song she writes, and carries over into every performance. Jenny’s connection with an audience comes naturally with a warmth that shines out far beyond any performance or act, and is ‘completely the same as greeting a person on the street’.

Having overcome years of total stage fright this has been incredibly liberating. Studying the philosophy and teachings of Serge Benhayon since 2002 brought the science of the energy of music to light. This experiential understanding of how music plays out in our lives, including the part that the simplicity of ‘presence’ plays in healing the debilitating state of stage fright, has initiated the most amazing journey that I have ever been on. And this energetic awareness never stops deepening."

"Music is an expression like everything else in life… so bring your all to that which you put out for others to listen to, to play in their homes and cars – music that people use to start their day and end their evening. And when I say ’bring your all’ I mean to express from the deepest truest place within, the essential essence that knows love, truth and never ever dumps abuse or imposes life’s dysfunctionalities upon another."

"Music plays a huge part in our lives and it is the most beautiful responsibility to be part of honouring the truth of that expression.”

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  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd