Natalie Benhayon – In one simple sentence she said it all

Natalie Benhayon – In one simple sentence she said it all

Natalie Benhayon – In one simple sentence she said it all

I had booked some one-on-one sessions with Natalie Benhayon seeking counsel and clarity around my issues. In one of these sessions, she said right at the start: “You know that you have no issues, and you will be always joyful, if you just accept that, don’t you?” She said that with such ordinariness, like you would say “You have two eyes, a nose and a mouth”, and I instantly knew that it was true, and had even known that fact for myself for a while.

So I said: “Yes, but….” and a few so-called issues came out of my mouth. Just little things, all of them born out of self-doubt, which was not really an issue anymore, but something that I was still attached to and using to keep myself small and unnoticed. But this simple statement of hers pulled the carpet from under my comfortable identification with self-doubt, in a very loving and empowering way. I clearly felt that she was equally holding me, as the free, powerful and beautiful woman I am – she was simply seeing and telling me the truth of who and what I am, no issue and complication needed.

From then on, self-doubt and issues just didn’t have the same power over me anymore.

I have since learned to observe those voices in me that want to tell me that I’m not good enough, that I have an issue with this or that, him or her, and I feel the falseness of those thoughts. I feel and know the ill of comparison and judgement and the consequential holding back of the joy of just being me. Why do these voices still exist, when I perfectly know that I am as amazing as anybody else for that matter? I see it like this – these thoughts have been such a habit and convenient tool, like an excuse to stay comfortably hidden for so long, one that we all are constantly feeding and confirming the notions of ‘not good enough’, the need for improvement, comparison, jealousy and so on – that it becomes a mental monster that just keeps coming, attacking us all indiscriminately to feed on us, because without us giving it energy, it could not exist.

I have the knowing that I am equally as glorious, amazing, truly beautiful and lovely as every other woman, but living that all the time is not so natural to me yet. There is for example the old shyness, which really is the fear of getting hurt, another mental monster that feeds on memories of past hurts.

Most of us have some issues about ourselves, and no wonder in a world and society that wants to press us into boxes of looks and behaviour. That needs to be observed in depth, because it is not who we are in truth.

Since the simple sentence that Natalie offered, I am eliminating comparison and judgement more and more from my life, by again and again connecting to my body and my essence, the true qualities of love, stillness, harmony – the stillness that I feel inside. And then often feeling a deep warm ‘Yes’, a settlement that is fulfilling and wholesome. From there I can observe the thoughts of self-doubt trying to enter and disturb me in certain situations, and sometimes I do get hooked and stuck. But it doesn’t take long to re-connect to the true me, because I know to the core that those thoughts are not true, make no sense and have no place in my being.

So why waste time with comparison and wishful dreaming, and miss out on the amazingness that we all already are?

When I see another woman move in her natural grace, see a face that shines from the inner connection, a smile that comes with the transparency of love and joy that is felt in the heart, I feel joy. There is no time to compare myself with another when I am open to receiving the beauty of that moment.

And why not just celebrate the unique beauty of every woman, man and myself – instead of shutting down my heart, comparing and judging, feeling less and making my life tense and complicated. Comparison doesn’t work – full stop!

We are all unique in our emanation and reflection, and in that way, we all play an equal part in the expression of woman or man on earth.

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  • By Regina Perlwitz, Translator, Editor, Writer

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