The Women in Livingness Magazine is, by all measures and accounts, a world first and is intended to lead the way for the future of how women seek to learn, grow, relate and communicate with each other.

Within the pages, you will discover articles written by women who truly walk their talk; they come from countries all over the world, from many different professions, vary in ages from 15yrs to 70yrs and bring every experience of being a woman imaginable. They can relate to it all, and through the medium of this magazine have taken it upon themselves to 'give back’ what they have learnt, and discovered, about these life experiences and present, that by being “Women in Livingness”, there is a truly another way.

What is 'The Livingness' for women?

The 'Livingness' that is referred to in the title of this Magazine describes a way of living your life that allows you as a woman to be who you truly are despite the pressures and demands of life and to sustain this connection day-to-day. The ‘Livingness’ for a woman means she is not dominated by ideals she must strive for (but never feel satisfied she has attained) and to not be dominated by beliefs that control her every decision (but never leaving her feeling she is enough in what she has done).

  • Women in Livingness know that there is a deep truth, an essence, that is innate to all women, and that there is a way to bring this forth into practical every day life – not hidden or kept reserved for a select few or for the privacy of themselves.

  • This magazine is dedicated to bringing simple, accessible, cheeky, fun and sometimes confronting articles that spell out the A-B-C of how this ‘Livingness’ is for women – where to start and, where it can lead to.

Why the name?

During the development of the Magazine, a few ideas about the title were discussed?

  • What would capture ALL that we are bringing in these pages?

Amazing Women? Women of the World? Women; here we are…In each and every case the word ‘Livingness’ was preferred, as it is the point of difference that the magazine offers women.

Why a magazine?

  • There is something nostalgic about Magazines for women. As much as we complain of our dislikes or discomforts with the way they are at times presented to the world, we can’t seem to walk away from them.

  • Having a magazine that is tangible, to take in your handbag, to travel with, to read in between appointments, to laugh about and pass around with your girlfriends; the medium of the magazine is something we all love to share. We could have created another website for women to explore what we have to offer, but we wanted to capture and be a part of this relationship with women.

What was the inspiration for Women in Livingness?

The inspiration for the Magazine was simple in its essence; to start a medium of communication with women worldwide where the truth of how it is, without the emotional strings attached, without censorship, without trashy gossip and without unrealistic photo-shopped adverts clouding your view, could be presented and circulated with ease.

  • Never was it a plan to create “just another magazine” for women. From the outset we knew this was going to be different, fresh, sassy with cheek, and above everything honest and full of the truths about women that are not often enough published.

  • This is a magazine to share with your friends, your colleagues, your mothers, sisters and daughters… it is for every woman of every age and relates to us all in all stages of life. It is a magazine that presents it all, and is dedicated to women living who they truly are.

A personal message from the Editor-in-Chief

Women in Livingness is not your average magazine. Contained within these pages is a depth of wisdom arisen from the fiery sparks of each of our writers. In essence, this makes every article a reader’s digest, they are feature stories worthy of a front-page headline, and deserve that spotlight for Women to know all about them. To truly appreciate and get the best out of this Magazine, take your time with ‘Women in Livingness’… to read, ponder, relate, understand, explore and let the wisdom unfold with each section.

There is a lot to take in, and, a lot more where this came from.

Bring it on.

Natalie Benhayon

A German Magazine

In 2015 Natalie launched the 1st Edition of Women In Livingness in Germany due to the high demand of women wanting such a magazine available in German. The magazine is available for free on-line.