Readings & Responsibility

In 2009 Natalie introduced a program called E-dreams. E-dreams involved Natalie supporting her clients by offering readings to deepen their understanding of their dreams. This provided Natalie's clients with invaluable guidance that was actually coming from their own Soul and their own daily living and choices. Natalie evolved the program in such a way to inspire and support her clients to build enough awareness so that they were able to read their own dreams and communications. Empowering them to engage and understand their life in a deeper way.

Have you ever felt that life could be more meaningful than the seemingly normal progression that is sold to us?

You know the one… go to school, play sport, sit your exams, experiment with drugs and alcohol, party young, go travelling, get a qualification, find a career, earn money, get married, buy a house, have children, and so on…

Many of us have accepted some or all of these as “passages of life” or perhaps we rebel against them all together making a stand to be different.


  • What if life had a much deeper meaning for you to access?
  • What if these possible paths in life were decided upon with more depth and personal meaning especially designed for YOU?
  • What if there was something greater to consider than simply going through the motions of life?

Would you be willing to find out what it is? Or are you perhaps actually searching for something like this?

What if there was no such thing as coincidence but everything is actually happening in reaction or response to our daily choices? This would mean that life is not a series of random events put together, but rather we can see it being constellated according to an amazing overarching plan that supports us to learn, grow, and develop more of who we truly are - all we have to do is take responsibility to read the messages.

So what does that look like? … no this isn’t about looking for your ‘destiny’ or the ‘star and moon signs’ of every moment, but actually something quite simple, in fact, it is something you may already do (or have done at some point) and just not realised it.

For example, think about when you were young, and life was not about the next exam, the next party, the next job, or the next bill to pay. Before you even started to go to school you already had access to lots of information that was not specifically given to you. Think about not wanting to kiss Uncle Harry hello, or not wanting to sit on a relative’s lap. Remember when you knew your parents were not getting on even when they denied it? As children we were already tapping into our ability to read energy and the deeper senses of what was going on around us BUT we switched this off in order to fit in, manage and get through life.

The philosophy here is very simple; when we live in a day to day rhythm that supports our body, mind and Soul we are able to access these deeper communications about life and what is happening. Everyday life continues, but with a deeper meaning, fascination and playfulness. This meaning is not found in the mountains of Tibet or at the feet of a guru but in the depth we bring to the ‘daily tasks’ of life. Life is then constantly communicating with us and all we need to do is be open to the messages that will guide us to more meaningful living.

Communication can come to us in a variety of ways and can be either confirming or cautioning. They are messages from our Soul and can be expressed through...

  • Our relationships with people
  • Moments of magic in our day where nature interacts with us in a very particular way
  • When things go wrong and there appears to be problem after problem
  • When things go smoothly and all fall into place perfectly
  • Our bodies (lumps, pains, bumps and bites)
  • Our dreams

There is a language of symbolism that can help us read these forms of communication.

Reading these messages…

  • Creates more intimacy with yourself, a deeper knowing of who you are
  • Helps to find answers to life’s seeming problems
  • Is a personal best friend you can rely on for support

The challenge, which gives us a greater level of responsibility and purpose, is to build enough awareness within our bodies so we can read all that is happening, within ourselves and between everyone and everything!