In rhythm with Natalie Benhayon

In Rhythm with Natalie Benhayon

In rhythm with Natalie Benhayon

“Life is an unfoldment, and the further we travel the more truth we can comprehend. To understand the things that are at our door is the best preparation for understanding those that lie beyond.” ~ Hypatia

History seems to rely on what gets recorded and on the records that survive. In many cultures and for long periods of time, women have been almost entirely written out of what we now refer to as ‘intellectual history’. Men have almost solely occupied that ‘throne’. This has been done by either neglect, or by purposeful omission, as with Mary Magdalene, and in the case of Hypatia, by astonishing violence.

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In rhythm

Rhythm is not just about what you do, it is the quality that you do it in. Natalie Benhayon expands on how to live with rhythm.

There is a change taking place now, and we are starting to address this historical imbalance, as the interest in ‘philosophical women’ of the past is growing in women of the current times, and one woman in particular – Natalie Benhayon

At 26 she is a woman of profound wisdom which she delivers with a grace and beauty that is beyond physical measures. She is someone who knows her purpose. An amazing teacher, who is known for her dedication and unimposing eloquence of authority and confidence.

  • Those who connect with her accord Natalie tremendous respect, deeply honouring her being and her presence. She has gained huge influence and many women and men around the world consider what she presents as sacred and profoundly life changing.

  • Through her presentations she offers simplicity, a unique trait that equalises the room in a matter of seconds, inspiring people with the power of words, yet only truly powerful because these words are deeply lived from her core.

  • She has developed a rhythm to ensure a healthy body and super sound mind. To Natalie, and through the reflection she offers, rhythm in everything we do is our way of being through life.

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Rhythm and the relationship with your essence

Develop a relationship with your essence, the inner you, by living in rhythm to support a quality of life that allows a deeper connection in your everyday life.

“Our rhythm is everything that we do, and everything that we do is part of our rhythm. There is not a single moment in the day that doesn’t form part of our rhythm, and therefore, how we are travelling in those moments is key to ensuring you are in a rhythm or flow that is true to you.”

Natalie Benhayon

However, Natalie inspires one to further ponder -

Have we constructed rhythms based on temporal intelligence in the mind, and not an intelligence from our body?

Renowned physicist, Professor Brian Cox, has shared publicly that subatomic building blocks of our bodies are constantly shifting in response to events that happened at the edge of the known universe a billion light years away ...

Natalie Benhayon adds –

  • So, if we are responsive to the constellations of the Universe and a much bigger order and flow happening in life around us, and we are always in rhythms, the main question we need to ask is: What rhythm are we in?

Natalie further clarifies that –

  • Rhythm is not just one section of the day we do (eg, going to work), it is our whole way of being, therefore, when we feel ‘out of rhythm’ or can identify issues in the day such as stress, reactions, etc, we need to look at and address ‘our whole way of being’, and not just bandaid fix the issue, only for it to occur again later.

“Rhythm is our relationship with the quality of how we feel within ourselves each and every day, and, a true rhythm is when the quality that governs the rhythm comes from the essence of who we really are. Getting to know your quality, and your essence, each day, is key to establishing a rhythm that is in true harmony to all that you do in your life.”

Natalie Benhayon

Through relationship with our essence our rhythm develops and adapts. Knowing where we are at in the quality of our being, and, knowing ourselves by our openness and this quality underpins everything.

“Routine is what you do, and, Rhythm is how you are in what you do.”

Natalie Benhayon

Natalie Benhayon

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Supporting your rhythm

Learn how to develop and support your rhythm with these simple and practical examples as shared by Natalie Benhayon.

Understanding the body and rhythms

Everything about our body naturally wants to flow in a rhythm and order that is in respectful harmony to all its functioning parts. Rhythm however, as Natalie affirms, is not about bettering our lives for optimum function. Instead, it is about reconnecting to an innate wisdom that supports us to not only function well, but restore true vitality and a true quality to the life we live.

So what happens to us when our rhythm is not in accordance with our true quality of essence?

As a simple start, when there is a problem, the answer can always be found in our rhythm. In other words, we have adopted a habitual way of living that is leading to an undesired result – these ‘undesired results’ or moments, are not random events, but highlighting that something in our rhythm needs to be addressed – e.g. the way we eat, our self-doubting thoughts, our lack of self-worth, etc.

From Natalie’s personal experience, understanding your rhythm becomes a way of life that is true medicine for establishing a vital and quality lifestyle.

When exploring what may be the cause of ‘undesired results’ in your rhythm, Natalie painstakingly recommends not to limit how far we go ‘back-tracking’:

  • How did we wake up that day?
  • How we were the day before?
  • What conversations impacted me?
  • And so on ...

With this understanding and view and, as Natalie presents, it can be seen that a very large portion of our state of health and well-being can be attributed to our rhythm. When we try to segment our life into parts, and the rhythm is not seen as a whole, life ends up ‘doing us’ instead of us living life in a rhythm that can be in harmony with our body, our mind, and our quality of being.

Our rhythm prepares us to live true to who we really are

Back to Hypatia’s quote with a Natalie twist:

To understand our own rhythm is the best preparation for understanding all that lies beyond.

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Rhythm vs routine

What is the difference between rhythm and routine? Natalie Benhayon presents that rhythm is about the quality of how you do what you do.

  • By Dragana Brown, Writer, World Affairs & Life Style Commentator

    Dragana loves Science. She absolutely fell in love with Serge Benhayon’s teachings because he makes science applicable to every day life and accessible to everyday people. Serge makes understanding science easier than spreading warm butter on toast!