What is intimacy in relationship?

How do we go about creating intimacy in our lives?

Believe it or not,

  • Intimacy is not just reserved for your lover
  • Intimacy is not just about a sexual moment

If we are prepared to be generous with our heart, be open and honest, then we will have intimacy in relationship with all others.

Intimacy is a way of living openly that actually always is about ourselves first and our preparedness to venture deeper into the recesses of our own tenderness, fragility and sensitivity – we then need to be willing to share all of that real and true beauty with another.

In other words, it is sharing all that is innocent, cute, adorable, gorgeous, sexy, amazing, delicate, pure and playful about you, with all others – not just a special someone!

To be intimate is to share your unique nature with another. It is sharing the most natural, real part of you – without hiding an ounce of who you are.

You first need to have the willingness to be open to share, to then be intimate. You have to believe in yourself, and be sensitive and loving to allow yourself to express the qualities you have to others.

You cannot get to intimacy if you are guarded and withholding; it requires us to be relaxed, available and open to others.

Intimacy in relationship is moments of openness between people that build on each other; this creates trust, and then we can go deeper and be more loving in our relationships.

Moments of living openly with yourself, creates an opportunity for closeness with others. When we have that closeness, it’s natural to want to share our joys and even all things that hurt us.

The more intimate we are in relationships, the closer we get, and what we discover is that the love that we feel is equally the same in each other.

"There is nothing you can do to make another feel love, but you can make them feel their own love by you being love."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations, p 666

This love in our most intimate relationships is always going to pull us to go even deeper, this can be confronting and bring up intimacy questions. Because when we love somebody, love is always challenging us to be more – to go to a greater level, to be more open, to be more real, to be more intimate.

Imagine the freedom and the feeling of Love that we could have for ourselves and all others we are in relationship with, if we just shared openly and unguardedly our beautiful selves ...

This is what true intimacy with each other is all about.

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The secret of intimacy

Intimacy is a way of expressing the tenderness you feel within openly with another by gestures and postures as well as with words.

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  • By Gabrielle Caplice, Sacred Esoteric Healing Practitioner and Relationship Counsellor

    Gabe loves working with, connecting to, and understanding people. Together with her life partner Annette Baker, learning all there is to uncover about love and relationships is her life's work.