The Ageless Wisdom Teaching on relationship and the Science of Reflection

The Ageless Wisdom Teaching on relationship and the Science of Reflection

The Ageless Wisdom Teaching on relationship and the Science of Reflection

How often do we consider relationships only in terms of interpersonal dynamics – but what if they are part of a much grander science?

Relationship is everything. In and through relationship we are offered reflections. These reflections, fully appreciated, grow and develop who we truly are and allow more understanding of one another. The welcoming of a reflection received from another and the reading on offer is dependent on the quality of the relationship we have developed with our self.

A well-founded and healthy relationship with oneself creates the space to open to an ever-deepening connection to the very essence of who we innately are, and leads to the recognition of the true self as this essence, rather than the false identification of ourselves as a construct conjured in our minds by our hurts, our roles in life and our so-called successes or failings.

Deepening this connection with our reclaimed essence deepens our connection to and begins to develop an understanding of the All, what Space truly is, the Intelligence of God, God, and all those who stand with God as his equal brothers, working tirelessly to arise humanity to move forward in evolution.

Evolution is a wholistic movement back to where we have originally come from and to where we will eventually return, leaving nobody – absolutely no one – behind.

This evolutionary process is the true purpose of life.

How do we break this down to a workable moment-to moment movement toward where we all need to be in a world that effectively works to crush, entrap, indulge, mislead, seduce, blind, tantalise, titillate and sideline us at every turn? And when these things don’t succeed in turning us away from our essence, hurt, pain, guilt, self-harm, shame and blame make their play on us, or so it seems from the all too familiar stance of victimhood.

This is where – if we are serious about making the changes that take us off the crazy merry-go-round of an individuated life – we are wise to introduce the Science of Reflection into our psyche, as through this science there is an inclusion of all that presents in our sphere, offering myriad opportunities to learn and grow. This is the key to accepting responsibility for all aspects of life, and is the only way out of the self-made labyrinth that has been created as an amusement by the wayward and fragmented spirit that separated from the Soul so long ago – the Soul being the direct and pure reflection of its creator, God.

The movement away from the pure vibration of God – the expansive expression of the Universe – in human terms is where we find ourselves today; justifying and defending a movement which, if we are to be completely honest, has become a descent into a hell of our own making, no matter how ‘comfortable’ we try to organise this hell to be.

Regardless of how successful we have been in creating an acceptable life on this plane, ticking all the boxes and looking good to the outsider – who by the way are in fact masses of similarly individuated spirits, all busy fashioning their own individual stamp on an impermanent, unsustainable existence – we can never and will never relieve the tension that exists here as this eternal tension is the powerful innate pull back to the harmony we originated from. All efforts to quell this pull back to harmony, love, joy, truth and stillness – that are all the qualities of our very essence – are the cause of the endless struggle we experience in life.

In the end we all need to return to these qualities as this is a science, a natural immutable Law of the Universe we all belong to and are part of. On the micro scale, science has proven that when compromised, even the most tortured and chaotic cell is pulled in constant movement back to harmony. This is a fact. And it is through Harmony we find Love, Joy, Truth and Stillness – the living qualities of God.

How do we utilise this Science of Reflection to grow and harmonise that which has been subject to hurt and pain, torture and abuse, arrogance and pride, self-loathing and blame?

We begin by stepping out of or taking a step back from the game we are involved in. As long as we are a player of the Game, whatever that game is for us in that moment – be it a family drama, a relationship issue, a difficulty with the corrupt system that we have set in place in a corrupt world, a problem with our health, or the physical or mental health of a loved one; or even on a grander scale the health of the world at large with its violent wars and the imbalance of power, wealth, food and resources – whatever is playing out there is a reflection for us to look at to see where we ourselves have not taken responsibility for our part in the whole. Ultimately we are not victims, we are players, and the quality of energy we are in at any given time feeds the whole.

Our disengaging from the game enables us to fully appreciate the power we have as the observer to examine ourselves in order to call out whatever stories we have fabricated that have sucked us into the game – a game that does not serve evolution – and from the observer’s stance we bring an understanding of the others who may be involved, thus providing the opportunity for real change to take place. This power can only come from self-reflection and this in turn is empowered by self-connection, as without the connection to our essence we are basically left to free-fall into a bottomless well of emotions and chaos that elicits victimhood, self-justification, defensiveness and aggression, or self-aggrandisement and self-indulgence. This leads on to the grasping, grappling greed and neediness that can never be satisfied and is the basis for the war that is waged both internally and externally.

We can now turn all the aforementioned around to embrace what has been presented with the enthusiasm this brilliant Science deserves. We do this by viewing every situation – no matter how seemingly disastrous or distressing, major or minor, ‘good’ or ‘bad’ – as an opportunity to learn, grow and blossom within ourselves and duly reflect this to others. At heart, we all basically want the same thing, and that is to see and be seen and treasured as the precious beings we truly are.

The more observational our perspective, the less the reaction and the greater the clarity the response holds as we become more of a witness to what is unfolding, rather than being caught in the thick of it by involving ourselves, which is the opposite of evolving ourselves. This provides a greater platform for finding our true voice that can then ask the true questions of our self, and when possible another, thus granting by this grace the opportunity for all to learn and grow.

Each moment offers us a new reflection as each moment is a unique presentation to the beholder: we are in relationship with everything and everyone all of the time and what is there for us to learn is for everyone as we are ultimately all one.

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  • By Kathleen Baldwin