The beauty of loving women. Women loving and honouring women is a lost art – be reminded how glorious it is.

Women loving and honouring women is a lost art. Be reminded how glorious it is.

The beauty of loving women. Women loving and honouring women is a lost art – be reminded how glorious it is.

It is truly gorgeous to feel appreciation for another, and for a woman to feel appreciated by another woman is unbelievably heart-warming and confirming. We really need to support each other and not measure up against each other. What helps to build and confirm our own self-love is the support from other women. For many centuries women have lived pitted against each other: it is debilitating and heartbreaking to live like this.

As a woman growing up in modern society, it is easy to get caught up in all the glamour and fakeness that is presented to us on a daily basis through the media, magazines, television and music videos. We are fed comparison and envy: it is used to sell products but the real result is a sell-out of who we truly are.

From an early age most of us have experienced self-worth issues. Somehow we don’t feel enough and so we look around for what we can measure ourselves against – she is prettier, she is better than/less than me, she has nicer hair, she is fatter than me, etc. Comparison starts early and we don’t have any markers to stop this from happening. Envy can creep in when we feel someone has something that we want, and jealousy can also kick in as we see others making choices in their life that we could also be making but are choosing not to.

So why do we pit ourselves against other women?

We all have our close girlfriends, but can we honestly say we have never felt comparison and envy when something wonderful has happened to them or they have a gorgeous new purchase? Yes we feel happy for them, but is there a niggling something there that isn’t quite clearly true joy for their experience?

To compound the comparison issue along comes advertising of women’s makeup, clothing and accessories. We all know the models are genetically blessed to start with, but they are also pampered, blow-waved, made up and dressed up and shot in a perfect light hundreds of times to get that one shot that is going to sell a product. And before it even hits our sensory perceptions the photo is then polished to within an inch of its life. We are fed comparison everywhere we look! Women looking in the mirror don’t stand a chance against the onslaught of manufactured beauty.

Unless . . . we work on our self-love.

Growing up in a somewhat harsh world can adversely affect our self worth and inner confidence, but we can rebuild these qualities by working on our self-love. It starts by simply making the decision to make everything in our lives about love first. All our choices, whether it be what to eat, what to wear, who to hang out with, what to say yes or no to, or myriad other choices we make in a day, all need to come from a love for ourselves first – what serves me? This may seem selfish, but truly it is not.

If we make all our choices loving for ourselves first, this creates a foundation that provides a reflection that everyone can benefit from.

When self-love develops, and we connect to the innate loveliness that we all are – without exception it opens the door to appreciating ourselves. And wow, this is a great feeling! This self-appreciation, while certainly taking some time to develop, then paves the way for truly appreciating others.

If we love ourselves so dearly, and are confident in who we are, feel appreciative of the loveliness we are, we then have the capacity to appreciate and love the reflection that comes from others. This inner confidence also helps us to have an understanding of others’ insecurities, rather than a judgement.

Let’s bring back the love for each other. The glow we feel from a woman who is truly confident, sexy and lovely is something that is reflected from within and a glorious reminder of who we all are, innately so. Let’s not hold back – true relationships are only realised when we are able to let go of comparison, envy and jealousy and embrace support, love, and connection.

This truth of loving women is beauty personified.

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  • By Jo Swinton

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