Introduction to  Women Speak

You need not look or click far to receive countless representations of what a woman should look like, act like, work like, have sex like, mother like, do business like, dress like, speak like etc. They are everywhere - in our magazines, social media, cereal boxes, in a song lyric, on television, in a self-help guide, on a billboard and on the movie screen.

Most of these images or assertions have one thing in common – they change with the times. We live in a time where women’s beauty for example is governed by breast size or body size – nothing above a B cup and nearing anorexia if women’s magazines are your staple, or nothing below a C cup and a booty he can grab hold onto if the rapper on the TV is your guide.

Wisdom is out and Youth is in, with older women increasingly succumbing to the pressure of sustaining at least some semblance of youth as they have their skin pumped and plumped, tattooed and whitened, lypo-sucked and artificially enhanced. And in recent times, these cosmetic ‘enhancements’ are no longer the domain of the woman over 40 – young women as young as their teens are getting ‘work done’.

These fickle representations extend beyond questions of beauty, age, body aesthetic and media representations, to expectations and judgments on women and the role they are to play in today’s society. There is a general feeling that mothers must have a paid job beyond the home to feel equally valued, women feel the pressure to ‘do it all’ and the general perception if you are in the corporate world, is that if you don’t toughen up and be more like a man you simply won’t succeed.

All of this we women keep alive the longer we continue to override the feelings we get so frequently telling us things don’t feel right – moments when you know your intelligence is being gauged by the way you look, or feeling your worth is based on what you do and not who you are for example.

But what if there is something timeless that all women share, a unified truth about what it is to be a woman? What if there are qualities specific to all women naturally within them, just as there are qualities specific to all men naturally within them?

Unfolding in the pages that follow are women speaking of their lived experiences as they begin to expose the countless misperceptions of what it means to be a successful woman in today’s world. A revolution is brewing, but this time from within, arising from a connection to a point of stillness within a woman’s body where she finds the timeless qualities and truth of what it is to be a woman, free from the imposition of the evanescent times and its expectations upon her.

"A woman's body will always be beauty-full to her, if she but allows who she truly is on the inside to model it."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations, p 548 </a>

Truly deeply beautiful - a true celebration of women

This video offers an introduction to one of our most timeless and enduring ponderings as women...

What DOES it really mean to be beautiful, to be powerful and to truly express who we are?

We hear from everyday women with an honesty and depth, poignantly representing the current state of play, how it was for some growing up and for others in the workplace. We also hear what has been possible with the introduction of simple self-loving, self-nurturing choices.

A truly inspiring and deeply touching account – a true celebration of beauty for ALL women.

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