International day of friendship – July 30th

International day of friendship – July 30th

The International Day of Friendship is held annually on July 30th to celebrate friendships worldwide. The UN encourages organisations and communities to hold events and activities that support solidarity, mutual understanding and reconciliation.

We are delighted to share a wonderful audio with you to celebrate the fun, playfulness and friendship you can have both with yourself and others.

Nurturing friendships is really important as it builds trust and allows us to be open, express in full and not hold back. We can develop that trust within ourselves, and then expand it to our family, friends and colleagues until eventually we understand and experience that the whole of humanity is our family.

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Rah-rah yourself in relationships

Why hold yourself back in relationships when you can share how great you are and have fun!

"We love being with people and there is no greater moment in life. You can love rollercoasters and go on rollercoasters and have a thrill, but nothing beats being connected to someone that says how wonderful you are. It is the most amazing thing when you connect and have a great conversation with someone, it is the most amazing thing when you have a great friendship, it is the most amazing thing just talking to someone - beats any ride, any thrill, any drug, anything, any food - anything in this world is always beaten by a long shot when you have a pleasant, if not amazing moment, loving moment with someone else."

Serge Benhayon from the audio presentation The Study of Esoteric Medicine 19, November 2013

Further reading and listening:

A True Friend

Literally thousands of people consider Serge Benhayon to be a close personal friend. You have to wonder how that is possible, even before you consider that Serge is also a prolific author, presenter, healer, family man and more. The quote below:

When he spoke to me he treated me as though we had known each other our entire life. He was completely present when talking with me – he wasn’t trying to impress me, wasn’t trying to show off, wasn’t trying to establish his expertise in a subject matter. In short, he didn’t want anything from me. Nothing – just Serge being all that he is and nothing less than that.

provides a clue. Lee Poole’s full testimonial can be found here.

Intimacy in relationships

In this article Jonathan Baldwin shares how and why it was hard for him as a man to be open and express his tenderness with others. Jonathan shares with us steps he took to open himself up and deepen his intimacy and relationship with his wife and how that then flowed into all his relationships:

The level of connection that I am able to share with people on a daily basis, whether it be with friends, family, people in shops or at work, is equal to the openness and warmth that I share with my wife.

Marrying the whole community

Steven shares how simple and joyful a wedding can be and what he learnt from the Cathars:

The bride and groom married into the whole community so everyone was able to share in and be a part of their love!

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