Exercise – it doesn’t need to be hard work

Exercise – it doesn’t need to be hard work

Exercise – it doesn’t need to be hard work

Moving the body is an essential part of a healthy life, but how and why we move is a vitally important aspect of self-care.

The volume of choices available today in exercise is overwhelming! There are gyms, aerobic classes, yoga, running, swimming, boot camp – the list goes on and on; and yet conditions such as obesity, cancer and diabetes are on the rise. So is how we are exercising really effective, and is it self-caring?

It's important that our exercise isn’t a strain or drain on the body. To receive all the benefits that exercise offers, we must each discover what supports our particular body as no one size fits all.

Quality exercise can even boost your self-esteem. From a visit to the gym, to a 20-minute walk, whatever you do, you can make movement and exercise part of your self-loving routine.

Let exercise be a daily love fest for the body and not a daily chore. Connect to your body and move with care and gentleness first and foremost, appreciating yourself for the amazing being that you are.
Here are some tips for exercising with self-care and remember this will be different for each person:

  • Exercise with a gentleness that allows you to feel your body as you move.

  • Make it a regular commitment that exercise is caring for yourself rather than it being a chore.

  • Be conscious of being with your body (try not to check out with music or TV while you exercise, but instead take this time to be with you).

  • Choose an exercise that feels right for you (e.g. walking might feel better than running).

  • Be less concerned about exercising to improve how your body looks, and more concerned with exercising to improve how you feel.

Exercise is a simple and natural way to improve your physical and emotional health as well as strengthen your connection to your body. Introducing exercise into your self-care rhythm doesn’t always need a personal trainer or expensive gym equipment, it’s as simple as feeling how your body wants to move and enjoying that time you are dedicating to you.

What does your fitness level mean to you on a daily basis? Are You Fit For Life - Part One and Two answers the question, explains what being fit for life really means and much more.

For more insights into exercising as part of your self-care, read Gentle Exercise – A New Approach to Fitness and Exercise, or Three Steps to Exercising in Connection.

You can also watch this short video on Exercise for Wellbeing.

There are also more Self-Care Tips Self-Care Tips to assist with building your own personal self-care rhythm.

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