Self Care Tips

The Self-Care Tips section presents some key ingredients and tips you can use as you develop your own self-care program. True self-care is not about just ‘ticking the self-care box’, but about connection between the body and the being. Without this we are selling ourselves short from experiencing the immense support and change that self-care brings not only to our own lives, but also to those around us.

Self-care is an awareness, a way of being and living that is personal and always unfolding. It is much more than a prescribed set of actions like eating your spinach or doing 100 sit-ups a day. True self-care provides an integrated foundation for a remarkable quality of living.

There is no “one size fits all” prescriptive recipe for self-care, but there are common ingredients that everyone will want to incorporate into their own self-care rhythm, albeit in a style and manner that is just right for them.

The path of self-care is a never ending daily development, and one that lays a foundation for self-nurturing and self-love. You can use these tips as a launch pad for your own ever-developing self-care rhythms and rituals.
Self-care is important but is not about being serious.

Enjoy exploring what works for you in your life, and don’t hold back from being all you are in your day!