Why is gentleness important?

Why is gentleness so important?

Why is gentleness important?

Gentleness dictionary definition: The quality of being gentle, amiable, tender. Not harsh, severe, rough or violent. Acting in a caring and tender manner.

Gentleness is an important tool that can be applied to life that allows us to undo the way we have been conditioned to live. Life teaches us to become rough and hard, de-sensitised to who we are and our natural way of being which is actually very tender, delicate and gentle.

When we are in the presence of infants we are naturally gentle and tender – if perhaps a little clumsy or tentative with it through lack of practice – any harshness stands out like a sore thumb. Think of a child sleeping, their breath so gentle and their body surrendered … we are no different at any age, and our innate gentleness is really just a breath or two away.

The importance of gentleness is evident – it is no accident that ‘gentleman’ is the perennial term that describes the man every mother wants their sons to be and their daughters to marry!

We are all absolutely worth applying the loving quality of gentleness to; no different to any child or baby.

By re-introducing the quality of gentleness to our body, we can begin to be aware of where we have become hard and rough with ourselves, with others and vice versa.

As we develop and understand what gentleness feels like, anything that is not gentle really stands out. This enables us to easily see and feel what is loving and gentle and what is not. From there we have the ability to say no to what disrupts or contradicts the feeling of gentleness we know and live in our body.

The Gentle Breath Meditation® can be used as a support to:

  • Breathe our own breath through developing the gentle quality of the in and out breath

  • Recognise what gentleness feels like in our body so we have a known quality that we can compare to

  • Enable us to reconnect to gentleness and feel how we have been living in respect to that

Gentleness allows us to interact in ways that are less harsh, more caring, considerate and tender both in our movements / actions and in the way we speak.

Being gentle is the first and very important step that takes us from a way of life that has conditioned us to be hard and tough and shut off from our heart, to re-connecting us back to who we are, our natural way of being and knowing that essentially we are by nature gentle and loving and very delicate.

Developing gentleness via the gentle breath meditation® and being gentle with ourselves is the key to returning to who we are.

"Gentleness is the bridge that takes one from the harshness of the temporal world into the heart. Once there, the connection deepens into the inner-heart where the grace of the soul lives and emanates out all fiery expression."

Serge Benhayon The Way of Initiation, ed 1, p 604

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