Understanding the deeper essence of self-care…

Understanding the deeper essence of self-care…

Understanding the deeper essence of self-care…

When we express or hear the words ‘self-care’ we will associate them with eating and sleeping well, along with exercising regularly in order to take care of oneself.

It is true that if we are to live and move in the world in a way that supports us to be well, then what and how we eat and drink does indeed hold an integral part in the whole context of things.

However – as with all things when we examine aspects more deeply – there is indeed more to consider in order for an even deeper understanding of self-care to be developed and therefore, claimed within us.

What needs to be further considered here – in simplistic terms – is how we are actually moving in our everyday living way, in all manner of speaking.

For example – apart from the aspects of what we eat and drink and so on – is what and how we eat and drink a confirmation of the love and honouring that we hold ourselves in? These are introductory questions to ask oneself with humble honesty – and of course being aware of any form of judgement of oneself and or others – for indeed we are not here to chase some notion of ‘perfection’. It is never about any of those things – for they are not love but distractions the spirit likes to ‘create’ to avoid accepting a more direct connection within, to all that is true.

If we delve even deeper here in our understanding of connection with oneself, we will always come back to the innate truly divine relationship with our Soul and God. To live in the world as a claimed equal Son of God in full is what we are here to return to at some point – when each person is ready to allow the movements to bring it all to that point of return.

To live truly well in the world is to live and breathe the love, joy and truth that is our natural way and in fact – our godly way.

To settle for anything less is to accept a ‘diluted’ version of you that is not truly you, but simply what we have accepted for many lifetimes to this point – ever since we separated from Soul and Thy Father in the first instance. The unfolding of this return requires us to live in the world in this life of now – and lives to come – until we no longer need to be here. There is indeed zero lofty or flimsy notions being presented here – for the way of godliness is always based on simple, real and tangible truth that is relevant for all of humanity.

To truly self-care is to allow the connection that you naturally have with the Soul and God to be all that it is – which is reignited through one truly saying ‘yes’ to such a movement.

The more we accept within that we have and will always be held by God, the more naturally and in correct timing this will concurrently work alongside how we live in all aspects of life in this world we all reside in.

Ultimately we are all here to master what it is to truly live as a fully claimed Son of God in this world, for indeed this is who we all are in essence equally so – for never is anyone less or more than another.

A key part of all this is committing to life and living love in our relationships with ourselves and everyone else – without exception. As always, we are never about striving for some picture of so-called perfection here, for the way of the returning Son of God naturally comes with the willingness to embrace and understand one’s imperfections. From this, we are then more steadily positioned within ourselves to bring the understanding needed to all of humanity and the world – with the deepest humility that is naturally within us all.

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  • By Rachel Lynwood, BA (Philosophy & Sociology) (UNSW), BA (Hons) (SCU), MEd (UTS)

    Rachel has many years of experience working in the higher education sector and in community engagement. Rachel’s interests include but are not limited to, people, life and relationships with All.

  • Photography: Dean Whitling, Brisbane based photographer and film maker of 13 years.

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