How to rebuild trust within ourselves

One of the greatest gifts that Serge Benhayon shares with all equally is how to rebuild the natural foundation of trust within ourselves. There are many ways and reasons we lose trust in ourselves.

The environment I grew up in didn’t honour what it was I felt was true. When I was told to be quiet and not talk about what I was feeling, or told it wasn’t true, I started to doubt myself. The end result was I defaulted to an external authority.

However, discovering through presentations and workshops of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine that what our bodies show and share with us can actually be trusted, I found a wonderful re-claiming and honouring of myself, my inner knowing, my self-worth, reconnecting me to my innate wisdom.

There is no greater authority than what I know to be true from within.

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Why look outside when the answer is within?

Coming from our essence can be our natural everyday impulse.

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Presenting the living truth

When we separate from our essence our body is able to tell us that we are living in a way that is not true or natural for us hence the many illnesses and woes experienced in the world today.

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  • By Sandra Williamson, Hairdresser

    Re-connecting to living what is natural to me brings simplicity, lightness and vitality to my everyday. One of the many added bonuses is learning and discovering everything with a sense wonder. I love living this way.