Serge Benhayon and The Living Way

History has shown us that there have been many men and women who have walked amongst us that have lived in a certain way to reflect back to humanity that there can be a different way to live.

The most famous, I guess we could say, would be Yeshua (Jesus). He was an ordinary man that was a messenger of God, sent to live in a way that would reflect our own divinity back to us so we could feel how far we had strayed from ourselves.

Two thousand plus years later we have not heeded the teachings of Yeshua as after his death the account of his life was manipulated and misconstrued by the Roman Empire into something that bears no relationship to him or to God in truth. Yeshua came to teach us universal love, universal compassion and universal living, with the truth that our destination is to be one with God – we will all get there, it is just a question of when. This ‘when’ depends on our own resistance to the truth of who we actually are – Sons of God every single one of us.

Christianity does not own Yeshua or God – to me they stand beyond all religions. Yeshua walks alongside other great luminaries such as Hermes, Zarathustra, Buddha, the list is long; these masters came to support humanity to evolve back to our Father God. To do this we must embrace ourselves first with love and appreciation and then share this love that we have rebuilt within ourselves with all others. Humanity will come to understand in time that it is love first and foremost above all else. Heaven is all around us every day – we don’t need to go to any church or any religious building to know this.

The mainstream religions would falsely have us believe that paradise will come to us somehow – this ‘mischief’ (in Hebrew meaning evil) misleads the masses to look outside of themselves rather than within, where paradise can truly be found – Heaven on Earth.

We have succumbed to the bastardised versions of Yeshua’s teachings and have been hoodwinked by the early Christians along with the Roman Empire who have created their own version of Yeshua and God that would have us believe the only way to heaven was through their functionaries. And history shows that these functionaries became like demigods. They gave themselves a licence to commit such appalling atrocities all in the name of God, and still do to this day. We have allowed them to gorge themselves on us, humanity, thereby allowing them to get away with the obscenities of the past and present.

As an example, they decreed that to save oneself from damnation, all we (the ‘peasants’) had to do to was make a donation to the church and all our sins would be forgiven… and if you didn’t comply then you would surely go to hell. The money raised this way furthered the power of the church until it became unassailable and the dominant power for centuries, able to manipulate and censor what was allowable. Those that lived a different way to the teaching of the church were exterminated; there is much that has been documented and survives today as witness to what happened to the ‘unfaithful’.

For me the mainstream religions as they are practised and accepted today fail to present what to me true religion is about, that is that the ‘Kingdom of God is within you.’ There is no need for an organization to mediate my relationship with God, because I can find my sense of God within myself. For me any true religion would need to encompass the Ancient Wisdom masters that have taught universal love, universal compassion, universal living and unequivocal truth.

Serge Benhayon has shown me that living in a certain way asks me to live with a quality of life first. That everything I do comes with a connection to me and through that connection is a deep sense of God and that he is there holding me in a space which is quite magical.

In this space there is harmlessness, I am so at one with myself I could not possibly harm another. And actually this means such a lot to me to know that I can live in a way that does not add to the mess we are all currently living in.

This Living Way has brought back a quality of life that has been missing for me for a very long time. Serge Benhayon has founded what could be called a ‘new’ religion, which is in fact ancient, described as ‘The Way of The Livingness’. This philosophical approach to life shows that there is a way to live that is far more enriching for everyone.

Most people seem to live just to get through the day. Life is just to be ‘got through’ somehow in whatever way we can; we are all functioning and ticking boxes. It seems to me that we have accepted a lesser way of life and called it ‘normal’. But why have we made that kind of life our ‘normal’?

To me, what the Ancient Wisdom teachings and Serge Benhayon present is that life doesn’t have to be a struggle, only looking after self-interests, ticking the boxes and getting by. There is another more encompassing way to live which is far more enriching for humanity.

Serge Benhayon stands as a steadfast beacon of light to show that there actually is a way out of the mess that we, humanity, collectively have made.

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