What is the oldest religion on earth?

For a large part of my life, whatever I knew about religion only related to what is called the organised religions. And to be honest I had no respect for them at all.

The atrocities that have been committed on this planet in the name of religion are beyond imagination and I always knew that these systems could have never been traced back to God, which I only ever could envision as a loving God. None of what their priests were preaching ever made any sense at all and I bluntly refused to get involved with any of them. So I was searching for a long time to find truth and find love being lived somewhere on Earth.

There were times when I got side-tracked and looked in the wrong directions and then realised eventually that I had wasted my time. When I almost considered giving up hope and just resigning to a mediocre existence till the end of my life I came across Universal Medicine in January of 2000, and from here onwards my life changed steadily but overall significantly.

Not only have my physical and my emotional bodies healed, and I can now hardly recognise myself in my current level of vitality and creativity, it is an experience of having lifted my eyes, which were previously glued to the ground, and are now looking to the sun, the stars and the whole Universe.

Accessing a deep knowing within myself that I am connected to the ALL and that means God, Soul and every living being on this planet and beyond. Living in connection to the Divine and to the Universe – compared to the isolation of a little lost human being pursuing only its personal small goals and aspirations – is possibly hard to comprehend if you have no direct experience of it.

Nowadays I do not have any hesitation to share that this is the greatest joy any human being can ever ultimately experience. And that this experience and way of living is accessible to everyone once you start seriously questioning what you have been taught by society what life is all about and now start walking in your own shoes, having your inner heart as the only guide to follow.

Considering that this planet is divine, as is very easily recognised when you appreciate its enormous beauty and the harmony it functions in when us humans do not interfere, logically leads to the realisation that our own body would have to be exactly from the same source and the same quality. All we need to do is change our focus from looking to what we are being preached in many forms by sources outside of ourselves, religion being only one of them, and instead come back to the wisdom every one of us holds inside of our own bodies.

As the Ageless Wisdom has always been teaching: the body is the marker of truth.

When Serge Benhayon just recently presented that The Way of The Livingness was the oldest religion on Earth, going back to Hermes, Herakles and Zarathustra, my body went through a complete shift.

It was as if I suddenly ‘plugged’ into a flow of energy, which has always been there on offer to be connected to. It was an experience of finding my origin, my lineage – I now have a clearer vision what I am part of, have always been part of and did not recognize in full.

True meaning, connection and purpose is available to all who are choosing to look for it and commit – the Ancient Wisdom has always been there through the ages, brought forth by a long line of teachers who were living their lives by divine harmony and whose movements were of love, service and Brotherhood, never holding back or excluding anyone, always reflecting our ultimate nature of Oneness.

Since I allowed this understanding of religion to be embodied, my step is much lighter, the joy is springing forth from my cells and emanating outwards. I am a living reminder of the truth we are all coming from, the truth of being universal and coming from the stars and only being here for a short interlude – a stopover on a long universal journey back to the essence of who we truly are.

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  • By Karin Becker , BA Education

    Karin’s main focus is to support women in all different aspects of their wellbeing. By re-connecting to our deep innate wisdom and love we are opening up an amazing potential.

  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd