What inspired the group of 280 plus volunteers to come together to create the Health and Wellbeing website, Unimed Living?

In this interview, Universal Medicine Director Serge Benhayon shares the story of a group of people who are living against the current societal trends of illness and disease and have felt inspired to share this simple and practical way of living with the world.

The 280 plus writers of Unimed Living include people from almost every walk of life, many of whom have lived through a wide range of conditions such as alcoholism, self harm and cutting, depression, drug addiction, ill physical health, cancer, chronic pain, abuse, eating disorders and today have not just learned to 'manage' their conditions but with the support of Universal Medicine and the teachings of Serge Benhayon, have healed their condition to the point that it is no longer part of their life in any form or manner.

Today they enjoy a vitality and sense of overall health and wellbeing that is in one sense very natural, but is unfortunately becoming less and less common in a world that is more unwell than ever before. The writers of Unimed Living have come together to share the steps that they took to get to where they are today, and to pass on the profound support that was offered to them through the rich philosophical teachings of the Ageless Wisdom.

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