From wanting to break up to building a loving relationship.

A reading can be very simple and seemingly inconspicuous, but nevertheless deeply revealing and activating. That is how I experienced a reading with Serge when I saw him the first time for a session.

At the time I was involved with a woman and actually I wanted a confirmation that it would be the right thing to break up the engagement. I told Serge that I wasn't really attracted to her and that I didn't feel ‘being in love’ the way I knew it to be from other relationships before. Hence my conclusion that she was not the right woman for me and that we should just be friends.

But I had some doubt. My former relationships had been emotionally and sexually quite intense, but all ended up in pain and drama. I realised some pattern here that I didn't want to repeat all over again. Although a part of me missed the passion and intensity that I was used to when falling in love, with this woman I had a very tender loving feeling in my heart that I never had before and didn't quite understand.

After sharing this, Serge replied:

"Maybe this tender, loving feeling is a good start"

That was obviously not the answer I desired; instead it put me even deeper into self-doubt. But I let it sink in over the days, weeks and months that followed and a cascade of insights and revelations regarding the truth of love, sex, emotions, attraction and relationship unfolded.

Since the reading the tender, loving feeling has deepened and expanded the more I allowed my hurts and protections to be disclosed – and there is more to go, more love to be lived. We have been living together now for 7 years, married 3.5 years ago, and it is getting better and better – which is quite against the general trend of a 50% divorce rate.

We now experience the magic of an ever-deepening loving relationship – one of honesty, willingness, realness and an openness to discover and develop true love.

  • By Alex Braun, Health Practitioner, Osteopath

    My whole life I have explored the correlation of healing, true religion and absolute love as the fundamental building blocks of our existence - my life is dedicated to share this holistic and all-encompassing approach of healing by living it.