Truly seeing the truth of what is

I've recently completed my annual medical check-ups which involved comprehensive blood tests, examination of blood pressure, urine, weight and detailed eye examinations. My well-experienced optometrist, Eric, who had carefully examined my left eye, seemed visibly perplexed. When asked, he commented to me that my retina, an important light-sensing layer in the back of the eye, showed a small area of haemorrhage, which was to be observed with no further action to be taken, but with regular follow-ups. As my visual acuity was unaffected without any other physical abnormality, I openly shared with Eric that I was equally perplexed, especially when I felt very well physically.

I've pondered deeply whether the haemorrhage may have been a result of over-strain over recent university studies, longer than expected hours of caring for clients/patients or even not resting adequately between the usual working hours. However, being methodical in my daily rhythms to minimise exhaustion while nurturing my body to recover with good nutrition, regular baths and gentle exercise for bodily support, the eye issue did not seem 'pathological' from a medically trained perspective. However, I felt that there was a deeper meaning to this so I consulted Serge Benhayon who generously offered his Reading.

"The eye in this will represent the overuse of human view, like too much personality or human face at the expense of the awe and wonder that is also behind all that happens even when it is illness, disease and or evil . . . All that is pure energy and . . . like the ears, not wanting to see the full extent of the corruption at play . . . "

For a practising clinician especially, it is critically important to provide outstanding health care with unwavering emphasis for steady and consistent attention to people’s physical and emotional needs.

Understanding what Serge has shared with me in his Reading, I've deeply recognised the importance of seeing the world as it truly is while not ‘taking on’ the issues of others. This has greatly helped me to claim a deeper understanding of love and compassion.

It is often that carers are so intertwined in people's emotions and energies, that 'burn-outs' are not uncommonly seen in their vocation. It is also recognised that the traditional notion of 'dedication to one's work', with the absence of self-care, can lead to carer burnout.

What Serge has offered is an inspiring example of what we can be when we can truly see for ourselves, and also the consequence of what we don't or will not see of the underlying energy of illness, disease and evil that affects us all as one humanity. We take for granted what we see through the visual image of what is presented to us. What is seen is therefore guided by our acceptance or avoidance of the truth behind how people talk, think and relate to each other.

The importance of this reading for me is that it demonstrates how the superb medical diagnoses offered by my medical team (nurse, optometrist and general practitioner) are deepened in their meanings for me as a person, given the deeper context offered by Serge's Reading.

Yes, I could have easily accepted that being 'well without symptoms' is a confirmation of being without disease. However, the wisdom derived from the Reading highlights the importance of self-responsibility and integrity to deepen my self-healing as both a man and a health professional. It is a practical example of how the best of conventional medicine can work harmoniously together with the true insight of Esoteric Healing and Esoteric Medicine.

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  • By Dr Samuel Kim , MBBS (Qld) FRACP MPH MBA