A reading by Serge Benhayon on life, and Accountancy

I received my first reading from Serge Benhayon in December 2002 at a session that he made available to me on Boxing Day.

At the time I did not think I was looking for life changing advice, but just enjoying a family holiday in Australia. However, in truth I was feeling very unhappy, in particular with my work life where I had just been involved with a massive insolvency and had got fed up with doing people’s accounts and trying to give them advice, but also with the strains of a young family and everything that goes with that stage of life.

I remember the session clearly – I thought I had gone for a massage and some relaxation, but instead was asked by Serge why I was there. I started rambling on about this and that but kept coming back to how unhappy I was with my job and my career and that I wanted to do something that was more to do with people. Serge listened respectfully and then gave me a hands on Esoteric Healing treatment. At the end he shared his reading;

Serge simply suggested that there was nothing wrong with me, or with accounting, all that was needed was to remember that it is a service to people, and all I needed to do was to serve.

That was it. Not very earth shattering. Not really what I wanted to hear either. But I went away and gave it some thought.

For a few years I tried giving up accounting to do other things, but that didn’t feel right. Then I got back into it part time and started to ponder it more deeply – the fact that people have enormous issues with money and having someone who is willing to be true with them is a huge healing, and a massive service. And 12 years on I’ve finally decided to embrace what was presented.

However, the depth of the reading goes way beyond that simple temporal understanding and this is the next layer I’m still unpicking.

All I needed to do was serve.

In that there is a whole way of living that asks me to get out of the way and simply be with the person who is in front of me – to put my Self to one side and really see and feel what is going on so that I can provide them with the clarity and wisdom that we all deserve, all the time.

I’ve witnessed this truly profound way of living in others, and it is something I’m still working on developing for myself. When I see it in action I am still to this day awed by the difference between what we have accepted as normal, and the quality that is available from us as human beings when we just step out of the way and let our natural divinity shine through.

  • By Simon Williams, Chartered Accountant and Tax Advisor

    Simon lives and loves in Somerset with his two gorgeous daughters, and enjoys juggling a Guesthouse and his Accounting practice when at work. God has been a recent, but very welcome addition to his life, and a welcomed addition to the team.