Redefining creativity … a career re-ignited

After meeting Serge Benhayon and being introduced to Universal Medicine back in 2001, I had no idea of all that was to come, that I would re-learn, discover and unfold from within and how this would ultimately change my creative expression through and through.

I was visiting Australia for about the fifth time and had always enjoyed coming back to Byron Bay (NSW) – immersing myself in the colourful and different scenes that were so polar opposite to the life I used to live in Switzerland. I became a part of the Byron Bay community and with a hunger for change I fitted right in. Leaving behind the corporate world of advertising I enjoyed the newfound so-called freedom of the alternative sea change I chose for myself back then.

Having struggled for many years with the corruption in the advertising industry, I turned to and got trained in alternative healing modalities, determined to leave behind the dreaded competitive world of corporate advertising.

Disillusioned I looked for a different expression to fulfill myself. However being a practitioner of all kinds of alternative new age modalities didn’t really work out either – something was definitely not flowing and obviously missing. No matter how hard I tried, trained in and enforced all the self-help techniques, it still never felt true nor worked out. So I left behind the Aura Soma, Reiki, Avatar, Kinesiology, Homeopathy, Bach Flower Remedies, to name a few along with the many new age books all with their tips of chasing a life of abundance, when I arrived back in Australia at the beginning of 2001. Upon my arrival I heard from friends about Serge Benhayon and that he had come on the Byron Bay healing scene whilst I was in Switzerland.

Being open to the fact of energy and healing throughout my adult life I was always open to learn and discover more. Healing sessions were always an integral part of my lifestyle, hence why I was more than curious to experience this for me new form of Esoteric Healing.

I can now say that on many levels I was very naïve and undiscerning about energy and healing and did not truly connect to the different aspects of energy sources until I met Serge Benhayon, and the subsequent teachings of Universal Medicine.

When I finally met Serge Benhayon in person, I found this very ordinary man treating out of a room at a healing clinic providing esoteric hands on healing sessions. Nothing in Serge or in the room particularly appealed to me as the set up didn’t speak to my designer ideals and aesthetics nor my spiritual hunger – which at that time had been very tainted with concepts from New Age books which had hooked me into months and months of sitting in Ashrams in India ‘meditating’. Meditating is in inverted commas because what I now know meditation to be and what I once thought it was are light years apart.

In the healing session with Serge I connected to something much more profound and still than I had previously ever felt. It was clear to me that this was the real deal and that what I had been indulging in up until then was an arrogant form of checking out. I did it to avoid participating in a life that I no longer could bear being a part of, and thus attempted to leave behind to not feel the pain of it all.

I vividly remember those early healing sessions. When Serge and I spoke, it was very much about confirming and further understanding metaphysical knowledge that I had pondered for a long time, but had never been able to explain or grasp in its truest and deepest meaning. Serge introduced to me how such vast knowledge could be made relevant, current and that such wisdoms could be truly lived in every day life and that there was no need to go and sit in the Himalayas.

After the first session I left connected to myself and had a clear sense of who I was and how much at the time I had allowed the outer life to sway me. I became acutely aware that I was lacking a close relationship with myself and that this was the pain I was trying to run away from.

In subsequent Esoteric Healing sessions, I was able to address issues and let go of burdens, ideals and beliefs I had carried throughout my whole life. All of which of course followed me to Australia and before meeting Serge, I did not know how to address, change, deal with or live up to.

When I attended the very first Universal Medicine Heart Chakra Workshop with Serge Benhayon back in 2002, he gave me a personal reading that released me from strong restricting binds and many long held beliefs. The reading freed me up to re-connect to my rich artistic expression.

Hearing this simple sentence in the healing surrounding of the Heart Chakra Workshop many years ago, released deep held constraints and doubt about my creative expression, and freed me up to re-connect and re-discover what it was to truly be creative. This was the polar opposite way of how it was done in advertising agencies – where typically a lot of effort goes into mental constructs and copying others is the norm, where the consequent exhaustion is covered up with abuse of alcohol and drugs, and the main focus is to win an award and not the true wellbeing of the client – as I now understand it to be.

My life since then has taken a complete U-turn. I am living and breathing creativity from the inside out. I have re-learnt to express what I feel to create, and thus ensure it is not a concept that is limiting another’s expression, but rather is a symbolic capture of their Divine essence put on paper in the case of the logo that I would design for a client. What a different way this is to express, create and work from. What a joyful way to connect with a client in this way.

There is no longer an expectation on myself to create something that brings accolade, but it rather is a way of expressing and designing in the connection with the Divine in us all. It may seem odd to say that the Divine is a part of the everyday business landscape – but how can it not be if we all are Divine beings. Knowing this and living connected to this every day is the most rewarding way to live. Clients respond very very well to this way of working. It honours the client in their expression and service and thus is a true win-win situation – where the customer, their clients and the designer all are held in the integrity and equality of the awareness that we are Divine beings first and foremost.

Since that first workshop, I have attended many more of Serge Benhayon’s presentations and the Universal Medicine workshops and healing courses and have since re-claimed my life on all levels.

I cannot thank Serge Benhayon enough for the down to earth inspiration he is, and what he has inspired me to re-ignite in myself and many hundreds alike, through his commitment and dedication to live and breathe nothing but the love of God in and through his being. He is an extraordinary ordinary man and a true role model we all have the opportunity to be inspired by in our everyday living.

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