Where are we from, if not descended from the Animal Kingdom?

Where are we from, if not descended from the Animal Kingdom?

Where are we from, if not descended from the Animal Kingdom?

The human being is such a fascinating phenomenon, and at times a mass of contradictions, as we all can attest to.

There are so many aspects to us, so many facets that defy much of what would seem to be logical and are inconsistent with what we observe in the Animal Kingdom, let alone all life as we know it. We are very much the enigma. The Human Being could well be defined as a mix of many differing aspects: physical, emotional, psychological, mental, and for many (if not all) we could also add: spiritual, metaphysical or esoteric. And although we could say that many animals also have a complex mix of differing aspects, it would seem from our perspective that no animal has all of these, nor the struggle to integrate these to the same extent. As a species, Human Beings are out on their own, so to speak, quite a different kettle-of-fish to a chimpanzee. Unlike most animals, we also show many self-destructive and species-destructive traits through our inability (or refusal) to integrate our knowledge into lived practice, despite our ever-increasing technological innovation and interconnectivity. We live in a way that defies common sense, and for the supposedly most intelligent species on the planet, we often live in a way that seems not very intelligent at all.

In the previous article ‘The human form: an evolutionary dead-end?’, we concluded that our species has a quite different evolutionary path to that of animals. It was observed that; ‘That which is more loving or of greater light is an evolutionary step forward, and that which dulls the light or blocks the love slows our evolution.’ And so although ‘survival of the fittest’ may play a part on a physical level, it does not really drive our evolution at all. This brought us to the question: if we are not descended from the animal kingdom, then where are we from?

When we connect to the quality of love within, and relate to our fellow human beings through this quality, then we naturally bring an evolution to ourselves, and to all of us. It is through our awareness and how loving our choices are, both with ourselves and with each other, that we deepen into our true purpose or our true evolution. Therefore, it would make sense that our origins as a species also lie within the realms of energy, within what we could term the energy of love or the energy of light. But what does this really mean, and what does this look like?

We have a physical form, a body that in many ways resembles an animal, perhaps a primate. Our bones, flesh and our brain are comparable to them. We function in some ways like an animal also; we have physical needs to eat, seek shelter, to move around, and also to relate – we have social needs. There is sometimes conflict, sometimes cooperation. Emotions also permeate through both these kingdoms, as well as thoughts, reactions, and the ability to learn and adapt. We also have personalities, or a level of uniqueness amongst individuals. But the human being has something more that these, a certain quality that defies any purely physical attributes, it has a depth of essence that stirs within, asking for us to live our inner truth, questing us to honour the pure divine exquisiteness that is our Soul. And this is an essence that is purely energetic in nature – we could say that it has form, but not of this world. The Soul is our gateway to our energetic origins, and therefore our evolutionary path is powered by our relationship to our Soul.

The human Soul is but a spark of the One Soul that unifies all human beings together as one evolutionary body: The Human Kingdom. Our individualised souls are but fragments of a single energetic body that we are all part of, and it is this that explains the reality we witness on Earth of the gloriousness we feel when we come together as one, when we break down the barriers between us, when we act with the innocence of a child and reach out in absolute equalness and humbleness. It is through these acts and these qualities that we see our true essence, that of our Soul, and this connects us to our evolutionary origins, to the realms of pure love and pure light.

So the short answer is: we are from our Soul. But what of our evolution, what has that looked like, how did we end up here like this, as physical human beings?

To answer this requires us to understand the human spirit, which is the separated aspect of the Soul that made the choice to explore individuality and also to explore physicality. Before that, in our beginnings as one purely energetic Soul, we had no sense of individuality nor physicality, we only knew the world of energy, and we lived knowing love 24/7 (not that we knew of the day, or the week). Yet, because of free will, we could choose to explore that which was not of love if we so chose to … and of course, that is exactly what we did. The part of us that chose to separate, individuate, to explore life and creation on its own, is called the spirit. Each spirit has an accompanying Soul, which is a part of the One Soul. But it was the human spirits, devious and entitled as they were (and still are) that made the move into the physical plane on planet Earth. These energetic beings, comprising several billion individualised aspects, explored life on Earth. They explored physicality by observing the naturally occurring physical lifeforms on planet Earth, that of the animal kingdom, and over time they constructed themselves physical bodies from matter and they used the models of various primates as a guide. And ‘voila’, we have physical human beings with bodies that resemble animals, and have many qualities of a similar vein.

Yet, the human spirit, in all its power and individualised might, has its origins with that of the Soul from which it chose to separate. And although it might seem ludicrous why anything would not want to be bathed in the pure love and splendour of the Soul with not one iota of separation, the human spirit still hankers on its drive for individualisation and dominance within the physical sphere of life on earth.

If what has been presented here is appreciated, then it is through embracing the qualities of the human Soul that we reconnect not only with our origins, but also with our future. Despite there being free-will for the One Soul to explore that which is outside of the Oneness of the Universe, to do so was not necessarily a choice to be admired or acted upon. And so, here we are, human beings on planet Earth, the result of a choice that perhaps was not the ‘right’ choice to make, even though we had the free will to make it. We now, each and every one of us, can choose to ‘undo’ that choice, reconnect to the One Soul, and negate the separation that our human spirit needs to maintain its individuality.

Our human form is not an evolutionary dead-end, but this body of ours is our way back to re-connecting to and living from the truth of who we are. These physical bodies, although pieced together by a spirit moving in separation from its Soul, are still made from the stuff of the universe, or from the body of the universe. If we listen to our bodies, then our bodies will essentially ‘call us home’. As we evolve back to Soul, we no longer will need these physical bodies, and we will not miss them for they would have performed their purpose.

It is not the human body, but the human spirit that is the evolutionary dead-end. It is this truth that our individual spirits do not want to hear, and it is this truth that offers us not only an evolutionary path back to our Soul, but also unlocks the key to our future.

Our future is older than our known ancient past

Serge Benhayon The Way of The Livingness, Sermons 18-30, p43

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