Universal Medicine Retreats presented by Serge Benhayon

Universal Medicine Retreats presented by Serge Benhayon

The series of Universal Medicine Retreats presented by Serge Benhayon are a highly sought after annual event. Participants worldwide are offered the opportunity to understand, explore and experience for themselves the ‘livingness’, its principles and philosophy behind its teachings and presentations.

The Retreats provide the opportunity whereby a variety of life related topics are examined, challenged and ruminated in group settings. Overall the five day intensive endows each participant with a deep enriching week, full of connection, contemplation, self-discovery, and as many have shared, ‘a life changing experience’.

The final evening at this year's 2015 Universal Medicine Australian Retreat proved to be yet another memorable celebration. Participants attended a week of deeply philosophical teachings and discussions leading and culminating into an evening of fun and celebration; with many 'letting their hair down' during the evening, tongue in cheek style.

The celebratory night was an opportunity for participants to express their joy and deep appreciation of the profound Retreat experience they had been part of.

The video is footage compiled from the ‘Student’s Final Celebration Evening’, their joy will be sure to bring a smile to your face.

Videography by Michael Hanson & Clayton Lloyd; Editing by Michael Hanson; Music by Michael Benhayon, Glorious Music

  • By Miranda Benhayon