The purple books: everything we are not told

Spirit, soul, reincarnation, life – these books cover it all

The purple books: everything we are not told

The many volumes of purple books of Serge Benhayon opened up to me what at first felt like another world although, at the same time, everything expressed felt true and familiar.  It was like for the first time, a language was used to describe those things that I had felt for myself and that I had searched to further understand over the entirety of my life.

Of course I admit to not necessarily knowing the detail or the depth of the Lineage that is described within the pages of these texts, but here finally someone was sharing something that touched my heart dearly; a wisdom that was beyond any other teaching.

Up until I commenced studying The Way of The Livingness, I lived a life void of any understanding of energy, spirit, soul and reincarnation.

Without living life with an understanding about these aspects, we are offered something less; a quality of life that continues to decline the more we step away, the more we give up bit by bit and struggle to make sense of the world.    

Removing the ancient teachings of energy, spirit, soul and reincarnation from our day to day lives takes away the most delicious top layer, leaving something quite ordinary or dull as a result – an ordinary or mundane existence many now refer to as ‘life’.

In that ‘ordinary’ we might slowly begin to check out, find places to escape from the cruelty that can play out inside our many relationships and perhaps even become focussed on earthly desires / temporal world with its lures, temptations, quick fixes and obsessions for more money, accumulation of assets and wealth, career, comforts, progression and power.  

There is much that we are not told.

There is much ancient wisdom that has never been allowed to prosper

Without knowing about energy, spirit, soul and reincarnation, life becomes about self and our daily chores, with moments of activity that we choose from to escape the mundane, such as holidays, sport and a range of entertainment options.  

Up until I commenced studying The Way of the Livingness, I lived a life without any understanding that human beings are impulsed by energy in how we move, speak and behave: an energy that could come from Love (the Soul) or an energy that did not (the Spirit).

Being able to observe myself in such a way allowed the chance to make some significant changes, as I came to feel more able and empowered to choose what energy I wished to allow to play out in my life.  I felt the responsibility to not harm another or myself by choosing loveless energy, and it became my motivation to understand people in this new way.

And yet, the one thing we all share in common – all 7.5 billion of us here on earth – is that we have all been attacked by a loveless energy at one point or another and that we know on some level it is energy, because it has felt so familiar to us despite coming through different individuals.

We are attacked more than we might allow ourselves to be consciously aware of – not just from one person, but the same energy with the same quality through many different faces in many different circumstances.  It is easy to become a victim, and to believe that the only way we can escape is to close our mouths and not speak up or hide away from people so we don’t have to feel their hurtfulness. 

We can feel way too vulnerable to exist in a world that appears way too harsh.  

But no matter how misunderstood or how persecuted we are, knowing that it comes from an energy that can be felt but not seen allows us the chance to not turn away from people but to gather strength and see it for what it is.  Perhaps the only crime of each of us is that we don’t always choose to align to Love, but instead choose an energy that has its way through us. Hence our responsibility is grand, for great suffering can be caused as a result of an energy that does not have our wellbeing at heart.

So often we are tricked by nice or softly spoken words, but we can never be tricked by the energy that we feel and we know this in our heart of hearts.  Of course there are things we want to see and hear much more than what we may actually be feeling, because what we feel can make us squirm. 

We feel energy all of the time, and we are energy all of the time

This is the core to life. And yet to underestimate or ignore what we feel places us in a position where we end up having to face the humbling fact that we have allowed ourselves to be fooled by the cleverness of an energy at play.

Wouldn’t it change the world if all our systems and whole of society were based on the knowing that we are impulsed by energy? The legal system, the courts, prisons, families, health and rehabilitation systems, mental health, education, the food industry, global businesses and Governments, all around the world, all systems would need to find a new way to be and to operate, and perhaps, this is exactly what lies before us.

Up until I came to The Way of the Livingness, I did not know that a part within me, my spirit, was working to keep me from knowing who I really am.

Knowing this allowed me to check the quality of the energy I was in and my way with others, and to begin a process of working through thoughts that were not loving and not truthful at all.

The spirit is deceitful indeed and can be felt at play through other individuals as well.  The spirit wants an experience, and is happy for us to fight, to cry, to experience pain, to justify and to deny.  It is happy with anything except being called out for its tricky and manipulative ways. 

Perhaps it is fair to say that the spirit epitomises delay, for it knows that one day the time will come where our Spirit will return to Soul, the place from where it once separated.

Up until I commenced studying The Way of the Livingness, I lived a life where I knew of reincarnation, but never considered the depth of responsibility that it asked me to live.

Without knowing about reincarnation, it is so easy to take on a ‘get through’ attitude or to choose to not be responsible for the choices made in life.  It is so easy to do what we do without any bearing or sense of accountability, because when we die, we pass over and take with us all of our secrets and stories.  What did we get away with?  With reincarnation and other universal laws, we get away with nothing.

Without integrating reincarnation into life, and limiting life to this single life, we convince ourselves that we might have got through, and yet what reincarnation offers is a chance for us each to live more honourably in our day-to-day lives, and with each other. 

Humanity is suffering what they suffer because this top layer, this understanding about life, has been diminished from our daily existence, and the emptiness we feel is a result of this simple act.  Understanding life as energy and understanding our spirit will not necessarily stop the personal attacks and the cruel behaviour between people, but it does allow us the chance to become aware of what is being played out in the war of energy – where love versus lovelessness.

In our heart of hearts we all know that Love will one day win out above all, but there is much hurtfulness to be felt until then, and much love and learning too, until such time that we all know and live in a way which aligns to the truth of who we really are, and what life can really offer.

When we live life without an awareness and understanding of energy, spirit, soul and reincarnation, we change everything about it and live in a diminished way that aches at our very core. The wisdom of these purple books has provided me with a deep and full understanding about what we are doing here on earth, offering a way forward from the suffering.

This Way, I am still exploring – a Way I will explore until my very last breath.

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