The Battle for the Body – Part 1: Spirit versus Soul

The Battle for the body – Part 1: spirit versus soul

The Battle for the Body – Part 1: Spirit versus Soul

Humanity has long been fascinated with the play between light and dark. A brief look at our history of both real and imagined events shows that we are all still very much caught up in the seeming drama of it all... the ‘forces of dark’ at war with the ‘forces of light’ as this perpetual duality plays out until the end of time.

But what if there was no ‘force’ to light?

What if it is simply the radiance of the Soul, and when lived through our human form has the ability to transmute the shadows beneath our feet? If this is true then it can be said that there is only one true light, the Soul, and what remains is... all we create that seeks to oppose it.

Many battles have been fought in our long and bloodied history, and many of us have fallen for the ill-seeded belief that ‘we are better than them’, no matter that the ‘them’ is also us – an easy foray into thousands of years of separation from being the one humanity we truly are. But the ‘battle’ as it were begins much closer to home...

We each have a body of light that is our soul that we are able to connect with and express through with every particle of our physical form. In this expression we are pure love, the ‘tiny sparks of God’ breathed forth from his great body of love/Fire. But we also each have a spirit, a body of lesser light that walked away from the magnificence of the Whole that is the Soul and it is in this fragmented state, void of love, that we succumb to the vast array of ill-guided pursuits and deeply harming ideals, beliefs, thoughts and images that are designed to keep us away from the simplicity of our Soul and deeply lost in the labyrinth of complexity our spirit weaves for itself.

Thus the ‘battle’ begins and we are at war within ourselves. We hold the reins, but who do we let steer the ship?

I, we all, have spent many lifetimes lost in this self-created battle. We have allowed ourselves to adopt a way of living that strays very far from the truth of who we are. Despite this, at any moment and as a testament to God’s love, we each have the choice to lay down our weapons and surrender to the majesty that lies within. But we are so caught up in the fight, we don’t even know we are engaging in one. Thus the first act of surrender is peeling off the blindfold and admitting that we are caught in combat.

As a student of The Way of The Livingness, I understand that the Kingdom of God lives within me and that there is no need to erect any temple in which to worship some externalised notion of an ‘almighty God’, nor fall for the ideal that his only son will save us.

It is our body that is our temple and so it is our body that must be honoured and cared for in such a way that we are able to live and express God’s light as his equal Sons that walk together upon this Earth.

Our bodies are vehicles of expression/light that can either be used to express all that is Divine; our Love, Truth, Harmony and Joy or, all that is not.

Thus it is our bodies that are the key in our return back home to the love that we are. Every move matters; the way we walk, the way we talk, what we eat, how we sleep, it all affects the thoughts we will then think that will then impulse us to move in a certain way by choosing certain foods and behaviours that will either dull our awareness or support it, and so on and so on, the cycle of expressing consciousness continues.

This means that every thought, movement, sound and substance that I subject my body to will either help me to move in a way that leaves me open to receiving all that is being consistently communicated by God through my vehicle of expression, or it will hinder it. It is this hindrance that we all feel deep down and is the reason why so many of us feel such enormous tension on a daily basis that then becomes the misery, depression, illness and exhaustion that we are so plagued with globally in our modern world.

Quite simply it is killing us to not live the love that we are. And not only are we not living it, we are fighting it with all our spiritual might.

To truly arrest the illusion we live under we have to be willing to see that all the hardship in our lives is entirely self-created and that we and we alone are responsible for any ensuing misery that we feel. Big OUCH! But there is also great beauty in knowing that this responsibility rests in our hands and that, as we are the masters/creators of our own illusion, it is we who save ourselves from it.

How cool is that?!

This is the essence of the ancient but ageless esoteric and occult teachings as presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine that form the basis of the new religion The Way of The Livingness.

There is nothing ‘weird’ about being esoteric. It simply means to express from our inner-most as opposed to living counter to it. And there is nothing sinister about the true occult teachings. They are not some ‘dark art’ as the history of movies and literature will have you believe, but simply a guide to help steer humanity back to the Culture of God that lives and breathes within us all – our most natural way to be.

This path is entirely self-directed if chosen at all and there is no pressure to even walk it if it does not feel true for you. Serge Benhayon has always been very clear in that what he presents is just that – a presentation for us to consider and feel the truth therein. If it is not for us, then we are free to walk away. Of course, there are those who react to what is presented but rather than walk away they are incited to stand and fight what they perceive to be the ‘enemy’. And so it is hardly a surprise when such teachings are deliberately taken out of context, distorted and lied about, so that what we are left with is a truncated version of truth (a package of lies) which stands as a gross misinterpretation that is designed to shock people, and when lost in this shock, they are unable to access the same truth that is found in their own bodies, imbued in every cell.

And so –

How many of us are willing to ‘lay down our swords’ and let the final curtain drop to see things as they truly are and not how we may wish them to appear?

How much of God’s light are we willing to show the world, knowing that when we share it there will be those that arise with it, as well as those that will be opposed to it?

To what degree will we live in complete and true transparency as fully claimed Sons of God in a world that is still ruled by the many self-created ‘sons of men’ who are equally ruled by a force that does not let them see the truth of who they are?

How many of us will stand tall in the face of evil, knowing that it is our lived light, our love and our joy that vanquishes such darkness forever?

And how many of us will renounce all that we have been fed that is not of the truth that we in essence are, thus laying our spirit (‘the beast’) to rest and reclaiming our bodies as the sacred vessels through which we let this love pour forth to the world, so Heaven is seen once more?

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  • By Liane Mandalis, Childcare worker

    Writer, philosopher, lover of life, of people and of the vast Universe we are a glorious part of, mother, carer for children, devoted student of The Way of the Livingness and humble disciple to the truth.

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