My Experience with Serge Benhayon

As a young girl, I looked for role models and what I found were singers who spotlighted because of their abilities or physical appearance. They were special to me because they were different but always left me with a feeling of emptiness inside. If they had it all, what about me? Who I was then? I couldn’t find a true reflection in anyone. Today I understand that all I received were images but nothing that emanated from within. In fact, some of those role models went down the path of alcohol, drugs, till the end of their lives. So, what kind of model was I really following?

At age 28 I met Serge Benhayon, who left me with a very different feeling. The steadiness and lightness of his movements, the playfulness and depth of his expression made me stop and see a loving man who was not afraid to show his tenderness. I could see me for the very first time, for the very precious, delicate and beautiful woman I am. Here was a true Role Model for me, someone who reflects to all Humanity how amazing we all really are.

The first time that I attended a presentation from Serge Benhayon I didn't speak English and hence I didn't understand him. I tried to seek words in my mind that I could grasp but it didn't work. The energy in the room felt like coming back home, his presence, the way he presented invited me to go deeper within myself. I noticed that my body felt really expanded, all that was presented resonated as Truth within me. I remember enjoying a very loving feeling of opening up to my senses, to who I truly am for the very first time in my life. My body understood very well what my mind couldn't. It was a new beginning that I'm still appreciating, very much so.

When I saw Serge Benhayon for the very first time I thought ‘who is that guy? where is the trick? No one moves like that in this world'. Over these last years I've seen Serge presenting different courses and workshops, I've talked with him and always felt the same level of care and love in all that he brings. I could testify that there is no trick but an authenticity that blows me away and reminds me how unique we all are. His transparency and integrity, the steadiness, clarity, playfulness and depth in how he expresses is a blessing for all to see.

We all know when we are truly loved and met for who we really are. Our whole body recognizes when a place and the people there holds you in such a way that you feel safe and with the permission to expand. Once I met Serge I could feel this, by seeing and listening to him on the stage something resonates within me as Truth. I'm still celebrating and deeply appreciating that moment because this has enriched my whole life in a very precious way.

Serge Benhayon makes possible what is available for all. Expressing from a place of no judgment and observing what's going on without reaction is a way of living that empowers and supports me deeply to live my life in full, enjoying every present moment for the opportunity of growing and evolution that it is.

One of the things that most inspires me about him is his humbleness. There is not an ounce of pride or arrogance in how he presents. He doesn't perform under any pose of guru or illuminated. I see him as a teacher and at the same time as a student of life, just like all of us. As we evolve together he does too, what he shares is the Livingness that we all can have access to. That's why I love him.

For the Benhayon family it is ordinary being respectful and decent, not being involved in gossip or any kind of falseness. How they are holding themselves, no matter what, it is an example of true power and strength, the one that comes from the unwavering love they live every day.

At a physical level my health before I came to Universal Medicine was quite poor, with skin conditions like dermatitis, and asthma. At a mental level I had anxiety, insomnia, I couldn’t be on my own, feeling very lonely and needing people to feel safe. My connection with my inner self barely existed, I was very focused on the outside, really insecure but at the same time very stubborn and arrogant.

Coming across Universal Medicine supposed a significant change in my life. I could experience by myself how the energy works in my body and that all that I live comes from a previous choice that has a ripple effect inside and outside me. This brought me to understand why I lived so lost, totally disempowered and relying on what I was told by others. I realized that I’m the one to build the quality that I choose in my life, that in every single breath can be a gentle quality that supports me to be more loving and caring with myself but also more aware of what’s going on in every given moment. Living responsibly is no longer boring but a joy, it makes me feel empowered, with a sense of purpose in every task that I do along my day. Every moment now is an opportunity to open up more to who I really am and to embrace myself ¬– with imperfections and all – as I never did before.

Insomnia and anxiousness no longer exists in my day to day. Thanks to the changes I’ve made, including quitting alcohol, dairy and gluten my skin is soft and clean, very delicate and bright. I no longer relate with people because of a need to not be alone but simply because I enjoy sharing with them.

Serge Benhayon reminds me that I can walk in life with no pretending or compromising my body in any way, shape or form. He inspires me to be authentic and to move in a way that deeply honours all who I am. Nothing that I ever learnt before in years of education at school or university has changed my whole life like this.

As a student of the Livingness I've always felt an infinite space to make my own choices in my own pace. I've never received advice but loving reminders to be applied in my life when I felt it. Allowing me the space to be who I really am is the best gift that I've ever received, from that I'm knowing myself for the bundle of love that I actually am. This way of being inspires me to do the same in all my relationships.

The way Serge Benhayon lives inspires me. Knowing someone like him who is not afraid of being open to what's next to learn is a blessing, this simple fact makes him a great teacher indeed. It invites me to do the same, accepting all my imperfections and greatness. Remaining open, vulnerable, and very loving with myself and others makes my days richer and more truthful than ever before. I appreciate deeply having Serge in my life, for all that he brings and naturally is.

Yesterday I was pondering on how the world is today. True that there are wars and abuse in many forms and ways but also there are people like Serge Benhayon who are being a light in the middle of the darkness, a living example of integrity, deep love and care, so why is this not in the ‘headlines’ of the newspapers? Why is this truth not written and celebrated enough in media?

Maybe because what he is presenting brings us all to the responsibility to live in a consistency that takes us away from comfort and makes us see what our contribution to the mess we live in is. When we see it and feel it with our eyes and heart open it is simply saying 'no' to it, as our body naturally hates any form of separation. Coming back to it is not a process of perfection but a Livingness that brings us back to live harmoniously again. It is this living way that could be televised, for all to see the preciousness we all can live.

Yesterday a good friend of mine shared with me 'we don't have a relationship with the person but with love'. This fact applies to any relationship actually, it's free of any particular form and can be shared with everyone. This is what I've seen from Serge Benhayon by attending his presentations, a humble man sharing the love that he is equally with all, and it is that which inspires me so much from him.

The light he lives daily is the one we all have access too if we choose it.

What you see from Serge Benhayon is what there is. He doesn't perform or try to impress anyone. He doesn't fit in how a celebrity has to or should look like to gain fame and followers. This humble man presents a living way that makes sense and inspires me so much because no one in this world is speaking up so clear and true, regardless if he is liked by others or not. To me he is an example of transparency and integrity, values that the world could take as a principal to write and share information based on truth instead of lies.

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  • By Inma Lorente, Graphic Arts Designer, Carer of elders, English and German student

    An honest, sensitive and beautiful woman who loves walking in Nature, sharing with people from different paths of life, cooking, looking at the stars, feeling warm and enjoying the preciousness we can live when we connect with the delicacy within.