Serge Benhayon – a dedicated life in service to humanity

When I first heard of Serge Benhayon my thoughts were of a scraggly, grey haired, bearded man wearing robes and sandals, boy was I wrong. Once I took the time to meet and connect with the man I found he was in fact clean shaven, had neat short hair and was smartly dressed, just like most men around our age.

The difference with Serge, I have found over the years, is not physicality, it is in fact a soulfulness in the way he lives his life. In a world where most of us are self-absorbed, ambitious and politically correct, Serge can connect directly with whomever he is addressing and offer a truth and honesty to the connection that I have not seen equalled in my lifetime.

My will is very strong and I am not easily lead, so I wasn’t going to take what “Serge said” as my truth until I could feel it was in fact my truth.

I have heard and attended presentations from Serge that have turned my world upside down. Upon hearing about specific topics that were related to the way I lived my life, I knew they were in fact the truth and that I needed to review my way of living or not living.

Is Serge a Guru?

Not in my opinion. He is a human being who is able to connect directly to his soul and feel the absolute energetic truth of everything, in a way not too many people I have ever met can maintain or even do.

Wasn’t Serge just a Tennis Coach ?

With a background in professional tennis coaching for more than 19 years, ranging from exclusive north shore city centres to a regional tennis centre, I can only assume he was, and a good one. To experience him now and to look at where he has come from is inspiration for all who are searching for their truth. After all at some point, Jesus was just a carpenter … right?

Can he perform miracles ?

I have witnessed many people turn their lives around from a life of searching and self-destruction to now living truly joyful meaningful lives after being met by Serge and what he presents.

So from what I have observed yes, Serge is involved with miracles regularly, along with individuals who are ready to take responsibility for their own lives.

Over the years I feel I have been one of Serge's harshest critics, as I lived a fair portion of my life in my head and not my heart, a battle I still fight every day as I have not yet fully embraced everything that has been presented to me. However in my direct dealings with Serge he has always come from a truth, a truth that we all know exists inside of us, but with all the distractions life offers is sometimes hard to find. Such is his honesty and integrity, my almost exhausted ongoing analysis is still yet to fault anything he has presented.

The detractors can only ever play the man and not the ball. They can’t fault anything he presents so they attack him personally. A ringing endorsement for everything Serge has presented over the years.

A testament to him dedicating his life to humanity is his generosity with his time and knowledge. He has always been accessible whenever myself or family members have needed support or guidance on issues that have arisen over the years. Serge is dedicated to helping us all help ourselves and in turn helping humanity.

Serge has shown me how to truly love and to live my life in my truth of who I really am and not in a fabricated way dictated by society and the ideals and beliefs of others.

  • By James Stanfield, Qualified Cartographer, Survey Draftsman, Small Business owner for over 25 years

    I do not blindly follow, I need to feel and discern everything for myself before making a decision about my life. I have a huge desire for fairness and equality.