Accessing Multidimensionality: A walk in the park

Accessing Multidimensionality: A walk in the park

Accessing Multidimensionality: A walk in the park

The Religion known as The Way of The Livingness expands and deepens our understanding on the fact that there are movements that our bodies are naturally at ease with, and there are movements that grate or go against the harmony that we innately know.

We naturally know what is and what is not true movement. The movements of nature – if we were walking in the park for example – display that natural harmony in the movements of the animals and plants. It would be disturbing if a tree suddenly decided to fight against the wind and refuse to move its leaves or branches. It would disturb us if suddenly the three stars that made up Orion’s belt in the sky had an argument and decided to break away from their constellation. And yet in human life we have a society that has been set up in movements that are neither true to our harmonious innate nature nor to our relationship with the world: behaviours that support separation as clearly seen in war and murder, to those championed in sport and competition to those that go under the radar such as harsh tones of voice and the fact that each of us can hold different meanings of the same word/s.

The religion The Way of The Livingness poses the question: could there be a form of movement that accords and aligns to the multidimensional whole we are naturally part of?

Yes there is!

As we have the clear examples from nature and from the stars above us, we have all around us examples of what it feels like to move in true movement – movement that does not clash but remains a part of the whole in harmony with the all that we and nature are contained within.

Walking – connecting to Multidimensionality

The way we walk requires, builds and maintains energy in our bodies and it is the quality of that walk that either expands our awareness of the all around and within us, or closes us off and shuts us away from this awareness.

Have you ever walked anywhere with a problem in your thoughts or a task that needed to be done and reached a location having no memory of the journey you took to get there?

After a long day at work I chose to go for a walk to finish off my day. Working as a waitress, the last thing on most people’s minds would be to carry on walking! But it was the quality of the walk that left me feeling energised. This was not a walk to get to a table, serve a customer or grab a drink order, this was a pace and gait that was for me and with me and all that I am a part of, going for a walk with the intention of connecting and appreciating life. As such my mind was not locked away in thoughts of work but instead of how I felt after the day.

The more I connected to my feelings, and my essence – the part of us that is sensitive to our multidimensional being – the more I became aware of the messages from nature and from the world around me communicating and confirming my choice to walk in appreciation. For example I found a penny on the floor; this confirmed me in my appreciating and valuing my sensitivity and expression. Feeling the harmony in my body I couldn’t help but connect to and see the harmony all around me in nature.

If I had gone out and focussed on my issues and problems and pains then I would be blind to all the communications which are around us that confirm and support us to be who we truly are – multidimensional beings.

Inspired by The Way of The Livingness, Sermon 35 – The Stillness of God: The Evolutionary Virtues of Stillness, Part 1.

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  • Photography: Joseph Barker

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