Space exploration – more than the stars

Space exploration – more than the stars

Space exploration – more than the stars

What if we could explore space without going to Mars or Jupiter and discover that everything we would ever need to know about the universe is right here with us on Earth?

What if space was not the stars and planets, galaxies etc., those being just the objects in space? That space was something that contained and held all, interwoven into everything that is all around, above and below us, between our houses, in our rooms and even between the particles that make up our human body. Basically, space is everywhere, even within us. Whether it be two people in a room together or a large stadium or event full of people . . . regardless of the situation, there is much more space than any amount of people or objects; space is always greater.

When we focus on the objects in the space, we lose our awareness of the space and of the grandness that is all around us.

Maybe that is the reason why we have not found many clues about life through exploring the universe, as we have been too focussed on objects and finding matter and have not truly looked into the space itself? Who hasn’t gotten really close to someone or had their personal space invaded to find that they lose a sense of what is going on within life around them as their focus narrows in on the other person when compared to being in a room by oneself or having distance between each other. Or focussing really intently on your phone, completely oblivious to the world around you.

So what happens when we explore space – the space that is all around us?

The body is constantly aware of the quality of space around it and when we connect to it and its innate sensitivity – our Clairsentience, our ability to feel and read energy – we can start to become aware of the quality of a space. This quality is governed by the quality of the activity of the objects within the space, be that animals and nature or human beings or even the stars at night.

How does this happen in life?

There are many grocery stores down my High Street, all selling the exact same stuff: I could go into any of them and it wouldn’t matter, right? So then why do certain shops feel ‘off’, or why is it that when I walk into a bar the air feels suffocating compared to stepping outside: it’s not that the building is poorly ventilated, but the activity in the building is denser. There is a part of me that is registering that the activity within the building is of a quality that is detrimental to the innate sensitivity and understanding that my body knows is true.

Walking in nature we can experience a feeling of stillness – a feeling of settlement even if the birds are singing, animals going about their day. There is activity yet it does not feel disturbing in its quality.

When looking out to the stars, breathing gently and feeling a sense of the part of me that is greater than the human body, there is a return to being aware of the grandness we are surrounded by and it brings life’s issues into perspective. It is this grandness that I get the sense of the animal kingdom is responding to that brings the harmony.

Have you ever been in a situation when someone expresses anger and the quality of space, the air as it were, changes around you like someone’s just dropped a bomb? For example, in that tension that can be felt walking into a room where an argument has just occurred you can actually tell by the feeling in the room – even if you weren’t present for that event – that the way others are in that silence after the explosion gives away that something went down.

If we were to move in harmony with our bodies, connected to our essence, this ‘drops a bomb’ equally so and can be felt as a flow within the space around you: for example, moving this way in work the tasks feel effortless and smooth and the flow of the work is more harmonious.

These examples show that space is definable not by its objects but by its felt quality, and certain areas of life can have a different quality from the space next to them based on the activity within.

This in turn can have an effect on how we experience space. Our bodies and their particles occupy space, so what happens when we feel our back hurt? Or pain in our stomach when we eat certain foods? How are we living that creates that quality of space within areas of our body?

There is so much to explore about the quality of space that is all around us, and how we live has an effect on the space around all of us. There is much joy in exploring space without going anywhere. Opening the door to our own space adventure starts by reigniting our clairsentience, which is our ability to feel the quality within space. We can support this by reconnecting to our bodies, the part of us that can actually never stop feeling.

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