Knowing yourself by your quality first

Knowing yourself by your quality first

"Who one is, is found first in the stillness and secondly, in the movement of that stillness. This creates a forward movement of energetic quality. Such a movement or motion is free-flowing. It is free of the need to be wanted, loved, cared for and it is free of the craving for recognition and acceptance."

Serge Benhayon The Way It Is, p 8

Most of us give more importance to one thing than another and at times experience anxiety over those things we consider more important. What if there was a way of living where we experienced our life as one, everything was of equal quality and there was no need for anxiety? In this short audio Natalie Benhayon presents how this is possible!

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Knowing yourself by your quality first

The importance of knowing the quality we hold within ourselves first and always moving from and with that quality.

"Effectively, everything comes from an expression. Be it one’s intention, thought, action or will, it is all an expression, which is also a movement, for energy is always in flow or vibrational motion. Thus, our every action and thought is an expression as it is a movement."

Serge Benhayon Time, Space and all of us, Book 1 – Time,, p 330

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