We are God’s Children

When we take notice of our family origins, we can see in our bodies certain traits of our parents. Phrases such as, "you have your mother’s eyes" or "I have my father’s dark hair", are quite common in this context. 

But if we are all God's children, then what qualities do we carry within us from this parentage? 

What if these qualities of our divine parentage are grander than our form? That we have inherited a divine quality that can be lived, that is not limited to our earthly characteristics, but universally expressible through and from all of us.

Over time and through the experience of the Livingness One workshop hosted by Universal Medicine, this has become more fact than fiction or theory for me, and for many of us. No matter who we are or which part of this Earth that we share we come from, there is within us all a quality of love that we can connect with and feel we are all related to.

Within this essence are the qualities of Stillness, Truth, Love, Harmony and Joy and while they may outwardly look different, when we open ourselves up to our ability to feel, these qualities of God can be discovered and felt in ourselves and in all others.

  • We only have to look at small children or babies for a great example of feeling a certain quality that is pure and open.
  • Over the last couple of years I have seen, felt and experienced the qualities of God in and through myself and others – that openness from our early years or a wisdom that goes beyond a person’s current age.
  • I have witnessed a tenderness and warmth from men and a strength and solidness that are nothing short of divine, defying everything that this world says they have to act and be like.
  • I have also felt and experienced a deep level of connection, a strength and preciousness in a woman, who can hold herself and all others in and through how she lives in honour of what is innately within her body.

What if God was constantly communicating to us who we truly are and where we all come from, and what if we could hear this communication as adults just as we did when we were children?

Nature is a constant reflection of our divine characteristics, just as the stars are equally so a reflection of our divine lineage. And when interacting with and connecting to those who are attuned to these messages, we see those communications from God in other people.

Could expecting or investing in Divinity to appear in a certain way blind us from the love that we are, and that the Universe and God is communicating through nature and through other people? 

  • What if God was not a large human being with a white beard and long white robe for example?
  • Or that a certain world event will herald the introduction of God's presence into the world?
  • What if God was in that sparkle we see in another’s eyes or the warmth of a hug; what if a reminder of our divine strength and ability to remain light in life was delivered to us by a feather that we come across on the street?
  • What if that sense that there is more to us and to life than is currently being lived was a part of our grandness that knows there are greater depths?

Could it be that our connection to God, divinity and the immaterial but very tangible part of life is through our ability to feel? That part of us that is naturally in tune with sensing and communicating with the seen and unseen parts of life and our divine heritage.

And could reconnecting us with that feeling sense – that sixth sense or intuition – be our way back to connecting with God and the Godliness in us, and in everyone and everything around us?

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  • Photography: Rebecca W., UK, Photographer

    I am a tender and sensitive woman who is inspired by the playfulness of children and the beauty of nature. I love photographing people and capturing magical and joyful moments on my camera.