So what is religion?

What if religion is just about re-connection? You re-connecting with you?

Sound too simple??

Well, actually, the original meaning of the word religion was exactly that – to re-turn, to re-connect, to re-bind…

Wouldn’t that mean that being religious simply meant to re-connect with your true self? The Divinity already within?

Gosh, if it is that simple, then we’ve really turned the meaning of religion on its head, haven’t we?

I mean to be considered Religious do we need to:

  • accept being labelled as sinners
  • retreat from society life to cleanse
  • meditate for hours and hours
  • study copious amounts of ancient texts
  • hold men or women less or more than each other
  • and or think ourselves not worthy or less than God’s omnipotent love?

    Have we ever paused to ask ourselves whether the way we currently practice religion makes sense?

If the true and original meaning of the word Religion is to ‘re-connect’ and ‘re-bond’, then after all, if we were practising a religion, then wouldn’t it make sense for it to help us re-connect?

... and, if we could define what we would be re-connecting to, it would simply be something that led to true health, true vitality, and true joy that is sustainable and possible to be lived in daily societal life.

This simpler way is very possible – a way of living connected to your true self. Too easy? Well, actually no, it is not too easy --- and it is actually our most natural state.

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The true nature of religion

True religion is the connection within ourselves and nature, the magic that we hold equally within us and the understanding of what that magic is.

We all can be deeply religious, simply by living connected to ourselves.

Is this man religious?

Adam Warburton, Builder

Yes he is.

"To me, divinity is God. It is the sunrise and sunset – the beginning of our day, the end, and all that falls between. It is all around us and within us, at our core, and within every fibre of our being. This is in seeming contradiction to life as we know it, which is typified by corruption, suffering and struggle. Yet this exposes not the absence of our divine origins, so much as it does the ludicrousness of human life as we allow ourselves to know it, where we live by choice in the ignorance of our own true connection to divinity and that of all others. Everything else we bear witness to is just a result of the consequences and complications that follow."  ~ Adam Warburton, Builder.

Is this woman religious?

Karin Becker, Educator

Yes she is.

"My divinity is something very tangible. I know that I am divine through my body – something I had never expected as a pathway. It is an experience of living in connection, a very distinct change to the sense of separation and isolation I used to exist with. Now I wake up in the morning feeling connected to the All – the sensation in my body is like a pulse answering to something much greater than just the little ME. In recognising divinity in everyday life I am offering inspiration to my clients to open up and allow the mystical to enter their own life in a very tangible way."  
~ Karin Becker, Educator.

Living a life of connecting with your inner-heart
is living a life that is deeply religious.