In our Essence we are One

An experience from the workshop The Livingness 1, presented by Serge Benhayon

What would we reply if any of the following questions were posed to us:

Who are you?

What is your essence?

How do you feel being the true you?

These questions will probably make us ponder, but mostly we are so used to looking to the outside for answers that we tend to immediately go into what we do. We start talking about what we do for work, our hobbies, about our kids, our partner, our house, car, etc.

In the attempt to please people and manage our busy lives, have we lost ourselves to the extent that we’ve forgotten who we are? But are we allowing ourselves to admit and feel how lost we are? The belief that 'we are what we do' is something we've adopted without asking any questions. It is obvious when we strip away everything – e.g. job, house, family, friends, name etc. – that it can be devastating if even just one of these pillars in our lives falls apart.

But we are still left with something. So what are we left with?

Our true essence.

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Your true essence

There is a false essence and a true essence. Meeting each other from our true essence is beautiful.

I found The Livingness 1 workshop by Universal Medicine to be a stepping-stone and a key to discovering that I do have an essence, i.e. the divine spark within that is untouched regardless of how my life has unfolded. I started to consider the daily choices that I have made and the possibility of tapping into my feelings again and exploring the world through how it feels.

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Our essence is not touched by ordeals

Our true essence is always pure and never touched by even the worst imaginable abuse and ordeals. Connecting to our true essence in our body brings about great healing.

The exercise that astounded me the most is where Serge Benhayon asked people to stand in front of each other, about 1 foot distance. He then asked us to let the protection or guard down, all the ideas of who we think we are or should be, to close our eyes, open our hearts and let the person in without any judgement or reservation. Many times the people standing in front of each other are complete strangers.

In a few minutes, all over the hall, you see the phenomenon happening: people are leaning towards each other just using their toes to stop themselves from falling over or bumping into each other. When they stop using their toes they tend to fall towards each other and sometimes embrace each other, a hug from deep within as a natural consequence. The hall was filled with joy and laughter and with the feeling of intimately meeting someone we've known for a long time. For me it was very different to my experience of meeting people in daily life, and over time, whenever I did the workshop again the experience was the same . . . deeply loving with intimate embrace.

So I went and asked the question of Serge “How do you explain this scientifically?” The answer that came was, “Because we are ONE”.

My personal experience in the hall, combined with the answer from Serge, was a complete exposure of how we live in our daily lives – the realisation how much resistance and protection we hold (and don’t forget those toes) to not let another person in and embrace others without any judgement.

If we consider the above as an innate characteristic of human beings, then isolating and judging others and ourselves, not trusting and being honest with each other, will be like working against our true nature, which feels like living life without the fullness and glory that we are.

Living life in full, that is, in our true nature, our body systems work in harmony leading to expansion. Not living through our true nature makes us contract as we are constantly battling and fighting with our true essence. This constant onslaught on our bodies causes energy drain. We will feel tired and exhausted at the end of the day.

Could this simple realisation or understanding explain the exhaustion of the modern world and why we need so many energy drinks and caffeine to get through the day?

It is worth pondering on.

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What exactly is The Livingness

Returning to our true essence that we felt as a child and how living from that quality creates a way of being.

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  • By Haresh Ashara

  • Photography: Matt Paul