Living medicine starts with the body

Medicine starts with the body

Living medicine starts with the body

Living medicine starts with the premise that the body knows what is needed and that through our body we will know and understand all that is required to be ourselves so as to live as who we are.

Because living medicine starts with the body, it begins by asking us to listen to and honour the body so we learn about ourselves and how to be who we are from the inside. Which is very different to how most of us live, where we live from what we have been told to be and how to think or act.

Listening to the body may seem like a strange concept at first as it is quite the opposite to how we have been raised, where we are told to listen to our thoughts and live how others and everything around us has instructed us to be, for example, what our parents expect or say is good for us or what society says we should be like based on our gender, nationality or culture.

And this is where the difficulty begins, for when we live via the ideals and beliefs we are given, we are no longer always living what is true for ourselves and our bodies.

This can lead to an inner conflict or disharmony that places a strain on our body, moving us away from who we naturally are and leaving us feeling confused or unsure about how to be ourselves, or what is needed of us in life.

The esoteric, which is where living medicine comes from, teaches that all the knowledge and wisdom we need comes from inside the body.

Esoteric means innermost, which means that it comes from you and not what you have been told. Hence, living medicine starts with listening to and honouring the body in order to be able to live what the body knows to be true and right for us, which is the best form of medicine for life.

If we learn to know who we are by listening to our body we will know how to be us in the world to the best of our ability. And so it can be said that, when we live from within we are the medicine, for:

"Our greatest form of medicine is to live as WHO WE TRULY ARE."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations, p 570

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