If we don't enjoy our work ...

IF WE DON’T ENJOY OUR WORK – voice excerpt of Serge Benhayon

If we don't enjoy our work ...

So why do we work?

When we say we like or love our job –

  • Is it because of the reward and recognition we receive from it that makes it enjoyable?


  • Because we are being and working as the ‘real-us’?

What does it actually mean – to work as the ‘real-us’, and could our developing towards 'being the real-us' at work, change our attitude and revolutionise the way we work – away from discontentment – to true enjoyment?

If we put the focus on simply being the ‘real-us’ at work, then the job role itself is not the most important thing. What is most enjoyable is being free to just be ourselves.

If we do this at work, then all that we do at work becomes fun and enjoyable, because it is ‘us’ doing it. It is the very fact of being our real or true selves that is what we love and enjoy, rather than the actual job itself, ie,

We give ourselves this enjoyment by being the ‘real-us’ rather than looking to the job to provide that for us.

Have a listen to this excerpt by Serge Benhayon on why we don't enjoy our work ...

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If we don’t enjoy our work

What makes us seek reward and recognition from the outside world within our workplace and our daily activities? There could be another way to be at work and truly enjoy what we do.

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