Coming out of exhaustion and depression

Coming out of exhaustion and depression

“I would never have said I was exhausted, after all, how do you know you’re exhausted when living in constant stimulation is all you know?”

Learning that she could choose to be with and in her body, rather than off in a haze of stimulation or escape from her inner stillness, Rosanna continues to discover how her innermost nature, her stillness, is supporting her to recognise the many ways that stimulation over the years had exhausted her body, brought on a thyroid condition and kept feeding her state of depression. Here she speaks of the role Esoteric Yoga plays in bringing her back towards her true self – the natural harmony and stillness we are so naturally made to live by.

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  • By Rosanna Bianchini, BA Hons, Complementary therapies practitioner, EPA Recognised

    Graphic designer, property manager, Esoteric Yoga practitioner and day-to-day explorer of the philosophy, religion and science of life – sharing life with family and friends in the riverside, market town of Evesham, UK