Has technology been a catalyst for the true evolution of humanity?

If evolution was said to be a way of living that develops and allows a connection to soul is recognised as a true and real part of life, and that a development or return to living in a way that is impulsed from and connected to that soul within is true evolution, then can technology contribute to our evolution?

For sure you may say technology has advanced us as a human race, when you compare current life with how we lived in the past. And you may say this because we are so used to a life surrounded by all manner of technology that you rarely question the existence of that technology. Technologies are here to stay and some we can really appreciate like electricity, running fresh water from the tap, sewer systems, state of the art medical treatments, high production agricultural processes, cars, motorways, ready-to-wear clothing, public transport, aeroplanes, mobile devices, superfast internet and so on.

This technology as we all know it today is a development of recent times. For instance, the first railroads appeared in the early 19th century, electricity in our houses in the late 19th century, colour TV arrived for common usage in the 1960s, while the smartphone as we know it today was only released in 2007.

It is over the last 250 years, since the industrial revolution in Great Britain, that this enormous advancement in technology has taken place. The industrial revolution was the result of a movement that was instigated by the work of Francis Bacon, an important member of the Ageless Wisdom lineage who established the Scientific Method in science, which led several hundred years later to the technologically motivated society we have today.

Nothing up to this point in history has changed society so fast as the Industrial Revolution. The financial wealth created by the manufacturing industries and the amount of workforce that it needed, made people move from the countryside to the factories that were built nearby cities. This resulted in people earning a reasonable income and they could live a wealthier life than before. It also created humungous cities with multi-million populations, while at the same time the populations in the countryside declined a situation that is still going on today. Without doubt we can say that, in one way or another, it affected all of the world and that no place or any person has not been influenced by what the industrial revolution has instigated.

With the availability to the public of the scientific method (the empirical method of observation and foundation of all modern science), mankind was given the opportunity to take a step forward in their evolution – a step that provided a more supportive and cared for way of living. However, the question is; did the technology that resulted from this scientific method (e.g. medicine and electricity) truly evolve us?

From the outer, the materialistic, we can say that our lives have improved dramatically and that we have evolved. It could however be said that the social inequality, the division of wealth, the level of corruption, favouritism and continued violence within households and countries etc. may actually be at the same level (or even worse) than before this whole revolution began. It may be that now it has another face than it did in the past.

When we look to how mankind is using the technology that has been developed we see that for instance, nuclear technology can be used to produce the energy we need to fuel our societies or it can be used to produce fearmongering mass destruction weapons like nuclear missiles that can target and destroy places and people thousands of miles away. Or the smartphone, a device we now think we cannot live without anymore. We can use it to connect with people and to keep ourselves organised, or we can play games and waste time on Social Media for distraction, or to disconnect ourselves from the reality of life.

Technology must fit into old values, not alter them.

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume III, ed 1, p 69

We as individuals and as a society have the tendency to think we have advanced just because we now have the technology we didn’t have in the past. This exposes how easily we cannot use the technology we have to advance our true evolution but instead, use it to maintain the old potentially destructive and uncaring patterns and behaviours we have lived for eons.

Living inside us all, is the future, for our evolution is based on a return to what and who we truly are and not a voyage into the unknown.

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 398

There is a dualism in human beings that can be observed. We tend to accept a lesser way of being that wants to maintain the way we live at any cost, while deep within we already are everything we need. Many people have that innate knowing that they live a life that is not ‘it’, together with the feeling that there is more to life than what we experience with our five senses in everyday life. That innate knowing impulses from the innermost, and will never not be there. We can either give attention to it, or dismiss it as not being real as we have no physical reflection of how that will look like.

The question is will it be possible to develop and use technology in a way that can support the true evolution of humanity?

We can follow this innate knowing, which is the connection with our Soul. From this connection everything we think and/or activate will have the divine imprint our Soul is from – the oneness in which everyone is the same and interconnected. The technology we then would design might be completely different from what we have today, or it might not. But we can be sure technology will be engineered and fabricated to be in service of our way back to who we truly are; to advance this returning and not any other goal – economic, political or otherwise. We will learn to live and work in this oneness and from there develop true brotherhood.

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  • By Nico van Haastrecht, Electrical Engineer, writer and photographer

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