Prophecy – a source of true intelligence that lives within us all

"It is the prophet’s duty to be wrong. And if she or he are right then it is that humanity has ignored the call and thus rejected by not responding"

Serge Benhayon, 2019

The purpose of prophecy is that the delivered prophecy ought not come true. No true prophet ever wants to be correct.

Prophecy is not the freakish, delusional oddity it has been made out to be over many hundreds of years by the entertainment industry, now aided and abetted by modern evidence-based science. The fact that we (humanity) have, en masse, sold ourselves out to this perception reveals a key fact about human beings and the way we choose to live, or more correctly exist. We have cut ourselves off from a source of intelligence that underpins all life. It is deeply knowing and requires no elaborate proof. Nor is it bound by time.

It simply knows. And although every single being has the capacity to tap deeply into this intelligence, we comfortably deny prophecy, adhering to convenient models of life and its conditions, all of which are founded on co-existent beliefs in randomness, luck, victimhood, and their relentless and immutable inevitability. The price we pay individually and as community is as financially crippling as it is destructive of our evolution as a species. This shows the ignorance to which we have sunk, the acceptance of human and planetary suffering to which we have become inured, and the sheer lovelessness with which we behold ourselves and each other.

To work with prophecy is very simple. All that it requires is absolute honesty as the initiating point. Observation of what is truly going on allows understanding and awareness to arise, and from this basis responsibility is awakened and true action can be taken, such that the prophecy cannot come true. It cuts to the core of what is behind everything, delivering energetic truth. Prophecy allows us to awaken from our deliberate self-made stupor, and arise ourselves to the fact that:

"If everything is energy as it indeed is, irrefutably so, then all is because of energy before it is anything else."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 246

Prophecy is, however, not easy when we consider the arrogant disregard human beings have mastered and taken such pride in: it is apparent that we prefer our created intellectual version of intelligence, the intelligence that has wrecked the state of our physical and psychological health, in equal measure to the ruination it has caused to the planet we live on.

This is the same intelligence that educates our children into an array of concentration disorders, then medicates those same children to eliminate the unwanted behaviours that show how harming our educational approach truly is. This is the intelligence that forges a self-justified path of destruction through humanity but never questions itself and crushes all who seek to question it. And it repeatedly fails. Have we not witnessed over and over again how this intelligence calls for change – fewer bombs, lower greenhouse gases, more equality, less poverty, no more slavery… and yet these problems not only continue, they change names, shapeshift and become more insidious, more deeply entrenched and better hidden from clear view.

Yet we prefer to scoff at the prophet, either ridiculing their statements or ignoring them. Anything rather than attend to what they offer us as a serious possibility.

This is because we have completely bought the model that tells us that we do not and cannot know the future, and supplies the intelligence that claims it can ‘fix’ the problems. And yet we walk, stumble, hurtle or trip ourselves into the same predicaments over and over and over again.

The problem with prophecy is that it is simple – so very simple that our love for complexity with its multiple array of excuses just cannot have it. The simplicity strikes at the very roots of the scientific, medical, educational, sociological and political structures that forever hold out the promise for betterment, yet ceaselessly fail to deliver.

Should we take a moment to stop, note our current position, deeply consider the past from which have come (but not ever energetically left behind) and observe the trajectory we are on, the bubble of illusion is burst. The unbearable price we have all paid for our wilful ignorance of energy is forever exposed.

We were never victims. We always knew the path we were embarking upon and every step was of our own making. The role of the prophet is to do no more than reveal the end-point should we proceed on our current path.

It is up to us whether we blithely continue, frantically attempt to slow down the trajectory, or seek deeply within to identify the energy that drove us so recklessly from the start. It is only the latter, acted on with humbleness, purity and the willingness to at last see the truth that will allow the prophecy to be truly and forever averted. Only then is the purpose of prophecy fulfilled.

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  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd