The study, revelation and prophecy are inseparable

Humanity is far older than what has been commonly accepted through the many offerings our archaeologists, anthropologists and historians have been contributing in their endeavours to build yet another ancient bridge to our distant ancestry towards the current form in Homo sapiens.

At the same time, visits to the Museums of Antiquities and Natural History in major cities such as London, New York, Boston or Cairo show that even the several thousand years old mummified remnants of the human body that once lived seem to have carried signs of degenerative diseases.

The essential instruments of domestic life have not changed much even though we now have a complex range of electrically powered utensils that for example drastically cut down the preparation time of cooking a meal and allow us to create a ‘comfortable’, more convenient and apparently, easier modern life.

For many people these technological advancements can be overwhelming, especially when the modernisation brings so much learning to be had, while our so-called ‘best minds’ continue to spend a lifetime performing experiments, analysing, writing and publishing another finer detail to make our daily living more ‘advanced’.

At the time of this writing, another series of newer generation anti-cancer drugs are approved. In another corner of the globe yet another person is undergoing an updated version of peripheral stem cell transplant. And now, just published is the genetically engineered patch of heart muscles arranged in a ‘patch’ to repair the irreversibly damaged heart affected by intractable injury of coronary artery disease. We are also perfecting the art of solid organ transplant so people can live longer with less tissue rejection. And the list of daily medical advances goes on…

Yet, with all the aforementioned (and more) on offer, how advanced are we truly when illness and disease are continuously on the rise?

“If we were to esoterically study cancer we would seek all there is to know about its temporal activity, i.e. we would need to know about red cells, white cells, red and white cell count, cancerous cells, cell activity etc. This is the study. Secondly, we would bring in the energetic factor, that is, the fact that there has to be an energy (an ill energy) that caused cancer to form in the body. Without the ill-energy there would not be cancer. This is the revelation. From that, the study and the revelation will show that the root cause can be healed, that is, arrested from having dominance or any influence at all and thus, any future actions and choices made, can be carried out so as to avert the same ill condition. This means -- avoid bringing-in and or using the ill-energy that caused the cancerThis is the prophecy.
Hence the study, revelation and prophecy are inseparable.”

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 53-54

The introductory reality is only the snippet of what is prophesied by Serge Benhayon. Yet it is still the first part of our scientific evolution at the level of the study. Confronted by irregularities, abnormalities, disorders, imbalances and injustices, our brightest intellectual minds are forever studying the cause-and-effect with increasing theoretical complexities to find the solutions to many of the unsolvable human ills.

The second, the revelation, as the most important part of our evolution has yet to enter our realm of physical existence and be understood by many instead of the privileged few (only by choice) that have consistently and unwaveringly asked for truth. The wisdom of the future is an honour that no amount of money can buy yet it is readily accessible to all when our mind is allowed to see through a different way of being.

"Science has its place in our evolution back to God, and one day, it will in fact be science and not religion that proves the Ageless Wisdom to be the truth of all things. In regard to this prophecy, the forerunners in the fields that will lead to such truths are: the medical and biological science of Epigenetics and the energetic based science of quantum physics. This will or can occur, so long as ‘they’, that is, those who are the exponents of these subjects, are impulsed first by their inner-heart and thus need not the identification with what they do and instead use what they do to serve mankind in-truth and not for self or self glory."

Serge Benhayon The Way of Initiation, ed 3, p 225

This commentary on the prophecy by Serge Benhayon is realised again by the recent discovery, or more correctly, the striking photography of the “Black Hole” located many millions of light-years away. Concealed by the darkness of the distant space, the collaboration of the world’s leading radio telescopes has uncovered the ultimate mystery of OUR universe that had been predicted for nearly eighty years by the exceptional physicists of that time.

It has taken us decades of technological advancements to confirm what had been foretold by the greater depth of human intelligence at that time when people thought they were more advanced than the prior generations.

Let us suppose that our bodies are obedient to the Laws of Physics, given that matter and energy are interchangeable, in which case, should we not constantly be questioning if the study of the end-effect in its current form is sufficient for the evolution of the planet and its 7.7 billion inhabitants, or even the 15 billion that we are supposed to be within the next millennia if all goes to plan.

Serge Benhayon in his grand yet divinely revealing approach redirects our human focus in-wards by re-examining the movements of our bodies and the state of our homes that inhouse the bodies, i.e. ––– if we are already succumbing to the advanced state of illness and disease, what is the state of our homes where the bodies are being lived?

When the government of one of the most powerful nations on the planet can have a ‘State of the Union’ address, should we not collectively convene for a timely ‘State of Home’ review, or a ‘pit-stop’ overhaul of the vehicle that allows us to eat, work, love, write, play and at the same time unfortunately, even harm another?

The ultimate Medicine originates from our homes, behind the concrete walls and the curtained windows where the public are not privileged yet only a snippet is revealed, thus, with no access to physically see what is actually occurring that builds to the billion person epidemic we see and read about in the medical and scientific literature.

Working as a volunteer for community organisations such as Meals-on-Wheels can open the eyes far more than the endless papers on Social Sciences. As academia and policy makers debate over the unresolved issues of ‘elderly abuse’ ‘mental illness’, ‘youth suicides’, ‘polypharmacy’, ‘chronic illness’ and countless others, it is not hard to realise that community-centred services are as crucial as the billion-dollar hospitals where everything is accessible to keep people alive.

Regular visits to different nursing homes, hostels, hospital beds and private homes by health care providers offer the ‘evidence base’ for undeniable truth that every choice of the body is echoed in the physical belongings and their arrangements, thus the quality of our inner being can be temporarily and to the naked eye concealed, but eventually exposed when the body suffers the ill consequences.

Delivering soups, cooked vegetables and meat with servings of desserts to a roster of ‘regulars’ is important. However, these still provide a symptomatic fix to the “horrendous statistics” prophesied by Serge Benhayon that apply to millions of people on a global scale when an ill person can spend most of his/her days in cluttered and locked up homes with clothes, boxes of medications and various other belongings strewn about, and one can see that everything that is of illness precipitates beyond the physical boundary of the human body.

No amount of wealth could explain how some who are in greater abundance could live in such a dishevelled state of disorderly home. On the other hand, an isolated elderly woman can live in a tiny apartment with bare essentials but surrounded by her lifelong belongings and genuine affection for an amazing person she only met a few times. The examples are endless, and each tell of the different ills, the root of ills that manifests eventually from the energies we don’t see.

“We will one day exhaust the medical system completely if we keep our lovelessness, our disregard and its wayward behaviour, as our way of life.

And this is not that far away.”

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 706

While the newspaper headlines may not see it daily, ambulances bypass the major teaching hospitals frequently due to shortage of beds etc., even though bigger hospitals are being rebuilt all over the country. Are we to build more hospitals until we can build no more?

Eventually we will need to stop and see the ill state of how we are living at home when the Medicare, NHS or the Medicaid can no longer sustain longer hospital admissions for those who are already in the system, and those few million people who have left the private insurance scheme and desire to stay in the public system.

The ultimate ill is not the shifting of the people or the cost of care, but the mass movement of the ills in our homes.

Health budgets are derived on future projections based on the past track record, yet what if the future spending is not congruent with our actual state of deficits and borrowing that originates from our homes?

The 'ill energy’ pronounced by Serge Benhayon epitomises the deeper layer of the causation that is at the heart of every home, like the deeper layer of the cut onion that is more delicate, more tender and spicier as it is exposed more deeply.

There is no doubt the Science with the expanding field of astrophysics, epigenetics, and other medical disciplines will continue to confirm that as we go further and further into the details of our universe and our human body, the more we will confirm that there are energetic forces that direct the human behaviour and the ill patterns that create the adverse risk factors of every crime, every illness, and even the diseases that we attribute to ‘congenital’ or ‘acquired’.

Eventually, when we confirm that our very decisions are not truly ours, not even when it comes down to creating illness and disease, the practitioners of the future will be able to reach the point of Revelation to formulate the ultimate form of Preventive Medicine.

If the ‘accidental’ discovery of Penicillin in the early 1940’s revolutionised the era of Modern Medicine, the next era of Medicine will not be accidental. Through the dedication of people who had seen and felt the suffering of millions, they may realise a new way of helping people is not of a materialistic nature but that of a divine way of understanding the Unseen source of human consciousness. The Study and Revelation of the human ills will show either a spiritual way of being and living which equates to less than who we truly are, or a divine way of living the human being is naturally designed to be.

We are either spiritual (separative, individualistic and interest-driven) or soulful (love, truth and One-ness) in our human expression in our relationships, in our homes and in our work. Supported by mathematical equations and innovative ways of seeing the different aspects of energy, our future generations will see that human consciousness is influenced by energetic forces that we can feel today but are yet unable to see.

If the thought of seeing the impalpable tumour in the depth of the tissues below the skin, the specially labelled tracer dyes and calculated manipulation of either magnetic field or electromagnetic radiation now routinely help us to see what type of tumour, its dimensions and how far it has spread through the body, likewise, the future generations will be able to see the outplay of the different illness and disease in physical and energetic terms. In the true advances of Medicine and Science, every home will truly benefit when each person is able to see how human behaviours originate from the two very distinct aspects of human consciousness – Soulful, or Astral.

“One day, you will be ordering a routine test to see how far the cancer has spread or even to see if there is a seed of cancer that we cannot yet do.[1]


  • [1]

    Conversation during a professorial ward round, Boston, November 1991 (29 years ago). We can now do specific tumour markers, measure circulating tumour micro-DNA, analyse the genetics of a particular cancer, and even have accurate scans that can localise different types of tumour, yet see more people diagnosed, diagnosed later and even have different forms of cancers.

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