On karma and re-incarnation

Re-incarnation and karma are core teachings of the Ageless Wisdom, as expressed in the current era by The Way of The Livingness , as presented by Serge Benhayon.

Neither of these are particularly revolutionary, being accepted already by some two billion people in the world and also clearly part of earlier religious traditions such as older Christian sects like the Cathars and the Gnostics. Yet these core teachings of The Way of The Livingness are often misconstrued and met with outright hostility. Worse, they have been deliberately distorted and perverted in blogs and presentations by those with a clear agenda to harm those who have chosen The Way of The Livingness as their true religion and, in particular, to destroy the reputation and livelihood of its focaliser, Serge Benhayon.

The teachings on karma and re-incarnation have been warped to portray Serge Benhayon and the students of The Way of The Livingness alternately either as arrogant, cruel and heartless, or as delusional and elitist. But this is all pure lies and misrepresentation; nothing could be further from the truth.

"Karma is not by Divine nature bad. It is in fact about love. And, even when it feels it is not love, it still is, for that is what karma is bringing you back to."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 278

Karma is not by Divine nature bad. It is in fact about love. And, even when it feels it is not love, it still is, for that is what karma is bringing you back to.

Karma and re-incarnation are Divine gifts, grounded in love, as it is through the workings of these that each of us are given repeated opportunities to free ourselves from the illusion and suffering that we have in our ignorance visited upon ourselves through our poor choices. The ill effects of these poor choices accumulate, but God does not judge or punish; we are simply given another opportunity to choose more wisely in yet another life.

Karma is simply a reflection of the great Law of Cause and Effect, and a form of it expressed simply in physics by the law that ‘for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’.

Since Einstein (and certainly before, as this was also well known by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks), it has been understood that the universe is made of energy and that matter is simply compressed and very dense packets of energy. By the Law of the Conservation of Energy, energy cannot be destroyed; it can only be transformed into other forms of energy, like friction into heat or motion into electricity, or matter.

The universe is one gigantic field of energy, known esoterically as the Body of God, within which everything is harmonically aligned to its one true purpose: the evolution of humanity to return to the light of the Soul, and thereafter the further expansion of the universe.

We of humanity, all of us, are to re-learn to participate in this ongoing expansion of the universe in accordance with God’s light, which is otherwise known as co-creation, and using the energy of His Body (light) in this Plan to ignite our true evolution. But we in our spiritual arrogance chose to ignore this Plan and instead used energy to create what we individually want, regardless of the consequences for the wider universe and the Divine Plan for its expansion.

There is only one true source of all energy in the universe – God – but we perverted the use of the energy, turning to our own individual desires.

Through this we created a pocket of disharmony in the universe, using energy sourced from the Divine, but in ways opposite to its intended purpose. By the Law of Cause and Effect, any energy that is used to create disharmony in the universe MUST ultimately be counterbalanced by an equal energy to bring the universe back into balance; that in a nutshell, is karma.

"Karma is not, and never has it been, a form of punishment. Thus it is not to be feared. It is to be lovingly used and hence lovingly respected, welcomed, observed and adhered to."

Serge Benhayon An Open Letter to Humanity, p 438

Karma is not about punishment; God does not punish, He is pure love.

He in His love has given us this world as a finishing school to learn the error of our ways in choosing to use Divine energy for our arrogant individualist desires rather than for the benefit of all in the expansion of the universe according to the Divine Plan. The Law of Cause and Effect in its form as karma gives us constant feedback as to what choices are in alignment with the Plan and which choices come from arrogant desire to slake our individualist needs. The former move us closer to God and enhance our evolution; the latter lead us deeper into ignorance and the corruption and disregard of the world and ultimately increase the suffering of all of us as we continue enmeshed in its disharmony.

Karma is simply a prod to continually tell humanity that we are off course from where we should be. There is nothing cruel about it. Its design is pure love; continual reminders that our disharmonic choices have not and are not working and to turn to making ones in harmony with the Divine Plan.

Again, karma is not about punishment for your sins from some judging God; that is pure falsification drawn from Judeo-Christian-Islamic mythology. It is all about responsibility.

We are responsible for our choices, and if our choices increase the disharmony and entropy in the world and consequently the universe, then we are given experiences that offer us the possibility to make different choices to redress that disharmony and rebalance the energy, and by the Divine loving design of karma, we are given repeated experiences of the type that will permit us to redress that imbalance until we choose to do so. To put it colloquially, karma can be described as ‘you broke it, you fix it’.

So consider a deliberately perverted presentation of karma by key detractors of The Way of The Livingness; the claim that if you have been a sexual abuser in the past, then you need to be abused and that is justified by your karma. This is simply untrue and clearly doesn’t follow from ‘you broke it, you fix it’, but rather highlights a convenient lack of understanding of the teachings with an otherwise influence of the aforementioned Judeo-Christian-Islamic mythology. If you have been an abuser, yes, you have created disharmony and harmed another equal Son of God. That disharmonic energy does need to be rebalanced, but it need not require that you be abused.

Karma is not ‘an eye for an eye’ as it is commonly said, it does, however, require in any case of harm caused that you recognise the deep harm that you have allowed through the choice to abandon or withdraw from your otherwise true nature and responsibility to live and express the true light we are from and thus, through making true loving choices for yourself and others, that energy can rebalance from that harm.

Of course, if there is no true reconciliation or healing sought, but a furthering of one’s separative intent – then this rebalance is brought to you in order to arrest any further ill pursuits. Many of us have experienced such a term ‘they had that coming to them’, which indicates that somewhere in our psyche we know you cannot simply get away with whatever you like.

These teachings about karma are pilloried and caricatured by detractors as heartless and cruel beliefs by an arrogant and elitist cult, but really, what is the alternative? There is only one: that what occurs in life are just random acts and conditions. Notice just how appealing randomness is to those who want to escape all responsibility for their choices. Karma is ultimate and loving responsibility; randomness is pure indulgent fantasy that my condition / situation is not due to my choices, but due to forces of chance. Randomness is the denial of Cause and Effect in the face of the unassailable fact from science, and life generally, that effects follow from causes: there is no effect without a cause or as Einstein put it so eloquently, ‘God does not play dice with the universe’. Nor do we accept denial of cause and effect in human society and law: if you hit someone in a car, your driving of the car is the cause and you are held responsible. But in the ultimate questions of life, why, how and where we are born and how our life unfolds, we run as fast as we can from karma and the law of Cause and Effect and enthusiastically embrace randomness, and for one very good reason: we are absolutely loath to accept the fact that we are responsible for our conditions and what happens to us.

True responsibility is the last thing we want; we much prefer to cast ourselves as victims so that we can continue our self-indulgent ways. We do not want to face the enormous momentum of poor and harmful choices we have built up; our arrogance is breathtaking. But in the end we must, and the loving Law of Cause and Effect in the form of karma guarantees that.

And this leads onto re-incarnation. We have built up such an enormous reservoir of ill momentum due to our poor and harmful disharmonic choices, both individually and as a race, that one life is insufficient to rebalance it all. In fact, the momentum most of humanity is in is still increasing their load of karma through disharmonic choices, rather than decreasing it through harmonic ones. Because these choices come from energy (the disharmonic one of creation), as energy must power all actions, speech, thoughts and emotions, karmic imprints are carried in our energetic bodies.

All of us are made up of multiple bodies; the physical body is only one of these, the densest of them in material form, while the others exist only in energetic form. When we die, the physical body dies first and not long after so too does the causal body, which is an energetic replica of the physical body. However, the emotional body and the mental body remain. The individual personality dies, but the spirit and its emotional and mental bodies continue on.

The energetic imprints of all the choices, healing and harmful, that the re-incarnating spirit has ever made reside in its energetic bodies, and especially the emotional and mental bodies. These imprints have a momentum, a craving to express in the material, and ultimately compel the spirit into a new incarnation in yet another physical body, and so the forces at work in previous lives operate in the new life and its choices. Note that because the personality dies at the death of the physical and causal bodies, it is a complete error to say that someone is a re-incarnation of so and so, for example, that Serge Benhayon is a re-incarnation of Leonardo da Vinci. The personality named Leonardo da Vinci died when he died in France in 1519. There was no carry over of his personality into the next life, let alone to Serge Benhayon. The transpersonal imprints in his energetic bodies did, but these transcend Leonardo da Vinci. All that can be truthfully said is that Leonardo da Vinci is a previous life of the personality known as Serge Benhayon, no more (as Serge’s notable lack of drawing talents in this life more than amply testify to!) A familiar explanation of re-incarnation in Buddhism may elucidate this better.

In The Questions of King Milinda, a Buddhist monk Nagasena explains re-incarnation using the following metaphor: light a candle, then use that to light another candle, and then another and so forth. Note that the flame in each candle is unique; depending on the chemical make-up of the candle or the scenting oils in it, each can have its own distinct flame colour and smell (that is the personality). But the source and essence of the flame in each is the same (in re-incarnation, the spirit), and the fact and condition of existence of any of the successive flames in the chain is due to the momentum of the passing of the flame from the previous candle (the operation of karma, the previous flame is the cause of the next one).

So there is nothing mysterious or hidden about re-incarnation; it again is simply the Law of Cause and Effect across lifetimes. Those who deny re-incarnation, deny this Law, and for a very simple reason: they want to continue to be irresponsible, to live self-indulgent lives, heedless of the consequences their choices are having on them, their fellow human beings, and the universe. Karma and re-incarnation are simply recurring opportunities given to us to wake up from the drunken slumber that has laid such waste to ourselves and the world, and in the end, through their loving embrace, we all will indeed awaken.

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