Words are energetic expressions and therefore convey energetic imprints: they are a living thing.

In ancient civilisations where everything was felt and lived as a one-unified expression of life and no activity was considered as being separate from that, words were deeply honoured, as everyone knew that they conveyed the truth of what was being lived.

Before the word came about, there was an original energetic impulse, that is, an energetic activity or experience which was deeply felt and registered itself in the body where it left an impress. This impress was then ‘translated’ into a sound and/or a visual symbol and finally into a word. The sound, the visual symbol and the word all convey the energy of the original impulse.

Although words could not deliver in full the energy of the original experience, as words could only capture the energy of the activity in a limited way, nevertheless, they reflected the energetic state of being and the livingness of the human beings who created them.

Hence, depending on the energy the person or people were expressing in the moment, it can be simplified to say that the word would either carry the unifying light/energy of the Soul (a co-creation) or it would convey the separating energy of the spirit (a creation). In other words, it would either come from a ‘true intention’ based on love and truth or from an intention that may appear to be good but that, in-truth, is based on an energy that does not seek love and truth as its first and foremost.

However, if a word is expressed and used in an energy that does not honour its original soulful impress, such an example would be in the word love, then that word will convey the separating energy of the spirit, despite it being originally of soulful expression. This is one way divine words can be bastardised and used to separate human beings from the knowing of their inner-heart.

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Truth is found in energy not words

How you live comes first and then words are there to complement that.

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