Krishna – an Indian Prince and a man of pure divinity – a messenger of the Ageless Wisdom

Krishna was an Indian prince, whose dates are a matter of controversy, some time from 1500 BC to 500 BC. More importantly, Krishna was a man of pure divinity. He was a messenger sent to offer the world, both at the time of his incarnation and our world today, a message to support and aid a balance of The Will of Humanity.

Krishna was an initiate of the Ageless Wisdom, and his life was governed by an impulse and impress from His Soul to teach the world something very important. His expression of this is captured through a translated message in a book known as the Bhagavad Gita. It is one of the greatest works on the philosophy, science and religion of the Ageless Wisdom ever offered to humanity; indeed it is a short practical manual of The Way of The Livingness.

There is very little truthfully written about him and what he truly offered the world, and there was very little written about him as a personality say in comparison to other great initiates of the Ageless Wisdom, such as Yeshua (Jesus), Siddhartha Gautama the Buddha, and others.

His expression was seen as very symbolic, and it is both revelatory and confirming for those who are ready to truly understand the inner mechanics of how life truly works – that it is a forever battle of the dark versus the Light, until such time that one realises that the real fight is not a fight at all, but merely a self-perpetuated picture that one chooses to indulge arrogantly in, headed by the ‘free will’ of the human spirit.

Krishna’s true teachings reveal that in the end this choice is simply only one avoiding the Light that is already within, and wielding darkness itself to do this. The ‘great battle’ is won by understanding that darkness only exists because we create it so, because we invest in it so, and because ultimately it is our choice to make it so.

Krishna therefore was a beacon of truth that offered the complicated thinking of man and very wayward and clever deception of the spirit, the understanding that humanity’s desires were not what they seemed and were not outcomes or realities that were truly what was being sought after.

The spirit in all its might and arrogance, with such attachment to all that it wields, is under the very misguided belief of what it thinks it is after, as are the misguided hearts and minds of humanity that are controlled by both the will of the spirit and its astral imposed forces, only to falsely confirm its ill-full beliefs and wayward decisions and choices as either right or wrong. The human spirit is arrogant and wayward; it is its constant will to indulge selfishly in the enticements of the material world that produces the momentum that causes us to reincarnate back into this world, life after life.

Hence, the battle between Light and darkness plays out in the choices we make between the arrogance and self-indulgence of the spirit and the Divine pull of the Soul. For Krishna, the enemy to slay in this battle is desire, for it is through desire that the forces of astral darkness lead our spirit to continually turn away from the Light, the pull of our Soul. Desire in turn stems from ignorance, fundamentally the illusion of separation that we exist as separate and independent beings from all others.

This illusion of separation is the core seed of the spirit, which keeps it from rejoining the Soul.

In fact it is the very reason we are lost in the delusions of darkness, as the truth of the matter is that we are all connected as Souls in God, all equally children of God through His unceasing Divine Will. Because we in our ignorance believe in the illusion of separation, we act in such ways so as to accrue the pleasures, benefits and advantages of the material world for ourselves, families, co-citizens, co-religionists, etc., at the expense of everyone else, and from this false belief flows the strife, greed, cruelty and misery of the world.

Krishna provides an explicit description of how this false idea of separation arises through a detailed account of the processes that underlie our choices.

First, he notes the constant undirected turmoil of our minds, its flitting about from one sense object to another, due to our lack of discrimination in our senses. Our senses latch onto appealing objects and withdraw from distasteful ones, and so generate feelings of attachment or aversion. We then identify with these feelings of attachment or aversion and seek to grasp what we are attached to and repel what we are averse to. From these feelings we generate a false sense of me and mine, and in turn a desire to obtain the objects we are attached to and avoid those we are averse to.

But this sense of me and mine so generated is a complete delusion, because everything is interconnected; nothing can just be for me or some of us, but must benefit all equally, as equal children of God.

But it gets worse.

The world, of course, has its own internal processes quite independent of our own. Krishna describes these internal workings of the world in terms of three qualities or ‘strands’, whose balance is constantly and inexorably shifting. Nothing we can do can influence the unceasing flux of the three qualities, but our misguided desire to manipulate this to our advantage can only lead to the blocking or frustration of our desires; we don’t get what we want and often do get what we very much don’t want, and even if we do get what we want, we soon want more.

This results in all the horrible emotions that humanity is subject to, such as anger and greed, and from these flow the curses of our behaviour down the ages of war, rape, cruelty, usury, fraud, etc.

Krishna counsels that the place to break this chain is right at the beginning: the turmoil of our mental processes that underlie our choices. We need to learn to choose more wisely.

By taming the mind by living in the many practical ways that Krishna recommends, we become less attracted to the delusions and distractions of the material world. When the mind is more still and has little turmoil, wisdom begins to dawn and we see the true interconnectedness of ourselves and everyone else in the one field that is the Divine order of God. We then act in a way that is responsible to that order; in a word, we bring love to all that we think, say and do, and never accept anything less than love. We step into the Light, out of the darkness.

From understanding the true teachings that Krishna offers the world, it can be understood that he is a beacon of true confirmation, and as such his true teachings, and the true inner workings of what his teachings offer humanity, teach self-salvation through confirmation of realisation, revelation, and intuitive knowing. In other words, his expression offers confirmation. When reading his teachings, through the true translation of the Bhagavad Gita, it is a process of confirmation for the initiating one, the awakening one, who seeks a true way to unlock him or herself from the so-called battle that seemingly lies within.

Krishna, his essence and the expression that was his life, belongs to the long living lineage of Light, Fire, Divine Will, and true esoteric nature known as The Ageless Wisdom Teachings. He is one of many initiates of the Ageless Wisdom, a messenger who offered the world at his time a transmission to guide all back to truth and true self-salvation. His expression and teachings offer humanity the opportunity to symbolically reflect on the battle of dark versus Light, only to lead and reveal that it is in fact never truly a battle, nor a fight, but that true self-salvation is merely and simply a surrender to all that already truly lies within you.

His teachings, that were divinely channeled through his expression from the Masters of the Ageless Wisdom, The Hierarchy, teach and offer healing for the world of a very dark age-old picture that keeps most, if not almost all, very misguided and on the never ending merry-go-round – that is, that it is a battle – for if there is ever a battle within you, then there will never be true rest, never a true surrender and therefore never a true confirmation of the Universal Truth and fact that the knowing of all that you truly are, a Son of God, already lies within you.

Detaching from the lie (picture) of the battle, one will recognise that it is indeed only the choice of free will to subscribe to the picture that it is a battle that in fact creates the battle, while in the end the battle is nothing more than a symbol of the unrest or lack of surrender that the spirit, and controlled son of man, accepts as reality.

Krishna specifically teaches that there is in truth no battle, no fight to win, that it is about letting go of the picture that it is a battle, and to seek the only true choice there is that leads you back to your Soul and God, true self-salvation, that is, the choice to truly surrender, which brings a confirmation of all that you are, for all that you are lies forever within, and in this place you will truly win, as you know and therefore accept that the fight does not truly exist at all, but that you are already everything that you thought you desired.

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