Grand Designs Part 2 – From the stars

Grand Designs Part 2 – From the stars

Everything we learn when we grow up has us measuring how we are going, by how things ‘look’. We are taught to ‘watch and learn’ and rely on our eyes to determine what is safe and right. Our intelligence, or so it seems, depends on our ability to scan and read, interpret and analyse with our eyes. So naturally, when we look into a mirror and see our face, we think we can tell how we are in one look. A quick review before we head out for work may reveal, “Oh no, I’m drawn and tired and looking quite flat”. We may cover up with makeup or a different tie, or even consider why we look this way – what is it we’ve been doing that may not be so great?

But as we do this ‘look and check’, a process of constant referral to validate how ‘life is’, what we discover is there’s times when what we see is beautiful and part of something great, and other times when the same view can seem horrible and too much to face, yet the actual subject remains the same. Different people can look at the same event and see it very differently too – how does all this work and what is the real truth?

As I’ve explored this seeming discrepancy in my own life, what I have come to understand is that ‘looking out’ is not the reliable test I have taken it to be. What we see and perceive is actually determined by the energy we are living in first. When I am harsh and rough with myself or judgmental about how I am, then what I see in the mirror reflects this meanness back. When I connect to a love that we are all a part of, I can’t help but see myself as sweet and grand. Maybe you have felt this difference in your life too?

When we realise the world is ‘energy first’, then we start to see that nothing is a mistake or coincidence, but every single thing occurs either to obstruct or accelerate our return to energetic truth and awareness.

Life then is not a series of unfortunate events to be avoided or ignored – everything exists to reflect back constantly the quality of energy that is at play underneath. Instead of thinking life’s job is to present us with a nirvana state that we glide through in betterment and bliss, what if we started to appreciate how every moment of every day, every occurrence is perfectly placed to help everyone in the world return to what is key? Can we fathom a love so grand that it organises and presents exactly what every single being alive needs to see? Designing this type of 24/7 school or university is way beyond the grasp of our human mind.

Nothing is random but is part of an intricate design to help us all return to the fact that we are so much more than the human beings we have been fed to think.

And so, our body and its shape is part of this design too, simply reflecting back the quality of energy in which we choose to live, move and express over the years and decades we are alive. When you consider the factor of reincarnation – then you may even accept your body expresses the momentum of choices you have made over many lives.

I once had the amazing experience of an Esoteric Healing session with Serge Benhayon. In the course of that hour (that simultaneously felt like seconds and also years) through simple conversation between us both it became clear how I have lived for many years aware that the ‘Kingdom of God’ was within but stopped short of accepting the fact that we all live inside an immeasurable field of Love that constantly holds every one of us. By restricting and constraining what Love is and cutting off from the world around, my body came to represent this choice. My chest and heart shut down and shoulders rolled in, bottling up my light to try and keep it ‘safe’.

From this simple conversation I finally got to see and feel that life’s true design was never about just me or how to survive the slings and arrows of this world – but that we are all placed here for a precise purpose – to represent and reflect Love, to reimprint the wayward way we all live with steps moved with our Soul. It’s never been about just us, but what we bring to the all.

Everything then, that occurred to me, was there to pull me up and help me come back to the truth of who I am and what I am here to be. The way my body grew and expressed, the operation I experienced was a total success – for the pain I experienced directed me to come back to caring for my body in a totally different way, and one I never would have done if left to continue on in my old way.

Today I live knowing the true role that energy plays in our lives and how, when we are unaware, we absorb it and project it back out to life. Naturally when we look at a photo of our body or check out some new clothes in a shop mirror, the energy we’ve moved in and taken on, will determine what plays out.

As we live and move through life, our body represents the quality of energy we absorb and take on, as us. We don’t like to face this simple reality or what our body has to show us, preferring instead to reshape the surface of our physique rather than look at the energetic facts. Plastic Surgery is not the issue, it can be a much-needed support. What is not widely considered though, is the impact of energy and what choosing to align to the energetic truth will do. I have seen my own life, and the lives of many others I know, have dramatic transformations with addictions and abuses healed – and bodies totally changed as if via miracles, to sparkle from within and finally reflect the beauty they are here to represent.

As Serge Benhayon has reminded me, our true origin is from the stars, our essence is divine – the physical body just a physical frame and temporary home for that. Our body is not the limit of us, but it can come to represent and reflect the universal grandness we are naturally from, when we live aligned to Love.

How powerful are we in our true essence then, that we are pummeled non-stop by these thoughts that attack and critique and aim to literally tear our body down?

This surely gives away the fact that our body is the key for us to return to our natural connection with the universe, it’s this that when it’s clear tells us what the truth of life is. So what better way for the wayward Spirit to postpone and delay its inevitable date with responsibility than to denigrate and suppress everything our body represents?

If we hate our body and see it as our enemy – when will we ever take time to care for it and listen to what it has to say? What an evil and cunning design has been at play.

Looking back at my life with loving eyes, now at last I see the amazing way I was constantly placed and put exactly where I was designed to be. I have always had everything I need to bring – there was nothing I had to struggle to attain – everything was always there from day one. There’s no need to control the world, plan or shape myself to fit in – there’s a bigger plan that has it all in hand.

We are a masterpiece and true work of art but not the way we think we are. It’s not us who governs what takes place but depending on the energy we choose we are part of a design to obstruct truth or bring the love the world sorely needs. Which one we choose now determines the future of us all.

As I’ve sat here writing this over the last couple of days, my right eye has become sore and very red. While in the past I would have seen this as a signal of failure, an inconvenience to be defeated or ignored, now I can embrace it and appreciate it as what is needed for me to heal right now. Whilst its unpleasant and painful too, I can see it is clearing out this very way of ‘seeing life’ minus the true beauty of the man that I am, everything I’ve been writing about is coming up and out of me.

So, no matter whether you get divorced, married, sacked, promoted or sick and ill, whatever occurs in our life, it is there as an opportunity to go deeper in our relationship with what we truly are inside. The purpose of each event that takes place is not the details of seeming misfortune or success we give emphasis to. Judging life’s events as good and bad is just a convenient distraction from the potential for evolution that is constantly at hand.

As humanity, we are one amazing body, returning to choose love and starting to accept and appreciate our true shape - divinely designed to represent Heaven here on earth.

The saying goes that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ – but it would be truly said that when we behold the world connected to our Soul, we cannot but see the true beauty of us all.

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