Universal Medicine - international complementary health care education

From its origin as a complementary healing clinic in Northern NSW, Australia, Universal Medicine has also grown to be an international school of esoteric science and philosophy with complementary healing clinics serving global communities

Universal Medicine is dedicated to providing services that empower people to self-heal, make truly caring and loving choices and bring a quality to life that not only benefits them but also their families, colleagues and the community at large.

Through Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon pioneered Universal Medicine Therapies – a series of complementary healing therapies that work hand-in-hand alongside conventional medicine, offering support for clients, as well as bringing greater awareness and understanding of how we can each live with more vitality by way of simple everyday choices.

Universal Medicine Therapies include:

  • Sacred Esoteric Healing
  • Esoteric Massage
  • Esoteric Chakra-puncture
  • Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy
  • Esoteric Breast Massage (delivered only by dedicated female practitioners)
  • Esoteric Yoga
  • Esoteric Walking Therapies

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Universal Medicine

There is a universal form of medicine for humanity.

The Universal Medicine Clinic   |   headquarters

Universal Medicine Headquarters and Clinic is located in the leafy suburbs of Goonellabah, NSW, Australia and is frequented by thousands of Australian and international clients throughout the year. There are currently more than 12 practitioners offering their services through the Universal Medicine Clinic, including all of the Universal Medicine Therapies as well as other complementary and allied health therapies including Psychology, Counselling and Physiotherapy.

The key philosophy of Universal Medicine is that of energetic responsibility and integrity. Understanding that all of our choices are a form of medicine, and play a vital role in determining the quality of our health. Universal Medicine approaches health and one’s healing responsibly so, hence its pro-medicine positioning.

The Retreats

In 2008 upon popular demand Serge offered the first live-in Retreats. These five day retreats are based on the study of the Way of the Livingness – a living science that supports participants to expand personally and to develop through group work. They offer a space to re-connect to our natural rhythms and to live a life full of vitality without the need of stimulants to get us through the day, but instead to live from one’s own true life force – the Light of the Soul. To share these five days of esoteric philosophy, healing and science with each other offers to establish a new foundation upon which we can build a deeper understanding and connection to our true essence. The retreats are currently offered in Australia, England and Vietnam.

The Student Body

Initiated by participants of Universal Medicine, the student body was formed and comprises people from all demographics and professions.

The student body has formed with the intention to give back to humanity, knowing how the profound teachings and healings they have received from Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon have transformed their lives. They dedicate their time voluntarily working together on many projects such as this Unimed Living website, the Women in Livingness Magazine, student blogs and presentations on health and well-being and much, much more.


As a further development and call from the participants of the courses held by Universal Medicine and due to global demand, the worldwide webcasting services were established in 2012. Universal Medicine now offers webcasting services to 77 sites across 21 countries with hundreds of people attending host sites offered by fellow students.

The Esoteric Practitioners Association*

Once the Universal Medicine Therapies were established the Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA)* was instigated by Universal Medicine to become Universal Medicine’s own in-house accrediting arm, dedicated to bringing forth a unified approach, integrity and responsibility at a level previously unheard of in any industry. No other association actually energetically assesses its practitioner members annually to make sure they are living with energetic integrity and offering humanity the true health-care standard they deserve.

The EPA Code of Ethics and Conduct was developed in-line with Universal Medicine’s teachings and encompasses not only practitioner conduct in the treatment room but also the personal lifestyle choices of the practitioner.

Thus practitioners live with the understanding that how they behave and take care of themselves in their personal lives directly affects the treatments they provide in the session room. Training in the Esoteric Modalities is not simply about learning a technique and its application, but is a ‘Livingness’ that requires us to be truly able to support the healing of another. Therefore, Universal Medicine’s teachings are first and foremost always about the way one lives with themselves and thus all others.

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You living you is the best medicine

The best medicine in life is you living you and not being affected by what is happening around you.


Universal Medicine also engages widely in community initiated projects addressing issues such as cyber bullying, government policy, social health and wellbeing.

Ongoing community inspired events run by the Universal Medicine student body offer support to teachers, nurses, council workers, social workers, medical students and more in the workplace.

There is much that Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and the student body bring and will continue to bring covering many, if not all, aspects of life and well-being. This website provides the reader with just some of what can be felt and experienced from the dedicated approach to living and wellness that Universal Medicine offers.

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The changing definition of well-being

Are we settling for a ‘well-being’ that is not truly well?

*The EPA is a branch of Universal Medicine. It was instigated by Universal Medicine to monitor and accredit the modalities that were founded by Universal Medicine.