Everything I ever need to know is just there

These books offer true medicine and everything we ever need to know.

Everything I ever need to know is just there

I have been deeply touched by the writings of Serge Benhayon ever since they were released.

My first experience was in reading book one, The Way It Is, when I came across it in a bookshop one Christmas holiday break.

I was drawn to it firstly by the recognition that it was written by Serge, with whom I had previously done a workshop in 2002. This book re-inspired me to return to the readings and work of what Serge was offering. When I first read the book I had many, many questions so I emailed Serge about this and his reply was…”read it again”, so I did. I then had fewer questions, but again his reply was ….”well, read it again”, so I did, and then I had even fewer questions.

I have now read all of the books that Serge has written to date and I finish one and then read or re-read another as inspired to by how I feel at the time. It seems that everything I ever need to know is just there and all I have to do is to really feel what the words have to offer. Of course I ask Serge some questions every now and then, funnily enough, later I will usually see the answers in the books.

The thing that I find ever amusing, but also very confirming, is that I may have something that is going on in my life, or something that my husband and I have been talking about and then, when I open the book I’m reading at that time, there it is – the very same content that I need more clarification on. It’s uncanny, but I love so much how that happens. Because of this I love to re-read the books over and over again as each time there is something new that unfolds for me: it is rather like reading a whole new book each time. Some parts I recognise from before, but this is because I feel I have totally claimed and understood that part and re-reading it is more of a confirmation to me.

I read the writings of Serge Benhayon every single night without fail; it is like ‘medicine’ to me and I find it very healing, clearing and loving, bringing me to a deeper and deeper level of connection to ‘me’ and humanity – I feel my love just grows. I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t found the works of Serge … well actually I do … I’d be a mess, but now I feel glorious. I will never stop reading these books.

Thanks Serge and ‘those’ that have ‘inspired’ you to write these wonderful books.

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  • By Sue Kira

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