‘The Way It Is’ – a testimonial by Abby Hinchcliffe

Reading this book changed my life.

I began by reading how I had always read – saying the words I saw in my head. This approach didn’t work and felt like I was forcing my mind to interpret what I was reading. In school, I was taught this as the process of comprehension. I noticed “trying to comprehend” what had been written was taking the focus away from simply receiving all of what was being presented.

Not knowing how to approach this I found myself pushing through (an old habit), wanting to finish the book more than connecting with the content. I felt confused and wanted to understand the book; I wanted to connect with what this book was presenting. To take the pressure off I decided to read at least a paragraph each day until I finished the book.

What happened next was quite funny – this book literally knocked me out into a deep sleep almost every night for about six months. When I felt a bit busy from my day I would give myself a moment to relax, to open up before reading. Sometimes even these moments put me to sleep. The more at ease I felt within myself, the more I enjoyed reading The Way It Is.

I was learning to read with my whole body.

This was a new experience for me. Our current education system in Australia teaches you to use one sense at a time and ignores the fact that we all carry an innate ability to feel energy. Having been a product of this system I had become accustomed to engaging only my mind and eyes when reading. Learning how to read this book became a very powerful and reawakening experience for me. When I read with my body I can feel the quality of what has been written.

This book has deeply supported me to understand more about humanity: it has inspired me to develop a relationship with my body and life where I honour everything I feel. The Way It Is reminded me of how much I care for people and has inspired me to begin expressing this again ...

This book confirmed to me things I had always felt to be true yet never really expressed. For example, underneath our attitudes, gender, wealth, skin colour, culture, religion & sexual preference we are all the same and there is so much more to life than the monotonous human existence life becomes when I give up on it being any other way.

As I read The Way It Is and Serge's other books, I am always left to be with my own simple knowing that I have a relationship with everyone I meet and everything I do, and that I have the power to choose the quality I bring to these relationships.

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